Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Suspect With a Gun at Sheridan and Wilson

Gray Buick with occupants pointing a silver gun out the window with a Green Chevy Blazer chasing it. The Cars are heading south on Sheridan towards Montrose. 4 cars respond to look for the offenders.

4402 N Sheridan Suspicious Auto With Occupants

Dark Van Parked at the bus stop for over two hours with male occupants inside. 1 car dispatched.

4410 N Clifton Traffic Stop

Officers asking for an additional car for this stop.

Uneventful Night

Most of the evenings have been more interesting then this one. Although before I got the inspiration to create the blog there was some pretty interesting listening. Shots were fired on Lawrence among other things.

919 Leland Disturbance

Car with occupants playing loud music in the alley. 1 car dispatched.

4515 Malden Homeless Man Trespassing.

Homless man trying to nap in apartment building lobby at 4515 Malden. 1 car dispatched.

Commercial Alarm 4715 Sheridan

Security from the front desk called in an alarm going off on the premises. 1 car sent to investigate.

Commercial Alarm at Borders

4718 Broadway Motion alarm activated 2 cars dispatched to check.

Noisy Kids at Malden and Leland

Car dispatched to check on the kids and issue curfew violations, they are apparently playing soccer in the playlot.

Inaugural Evening of Posting While Monitoring

I bought a police scanner a few weeks ago and have been hooked on listening to it, call it weird or cool or whatever, I enjoy it especially since the writers strike has kind of made me look for other avenues of entertainment.