Sunday, June 8, 2008

Early Sunday Morning

12:40 4927 Clifton
Woman recieving phone threats she is headed to a friends house in the
23rd district.

12:41 Addison Rocks
Police trying to disperse 30-40 drinkers on the rocks.

12:44 3729 Clark
Man inside the hot dog stand with a bottle of champagne causing a

12:45 Sheridan and Sunnyside
10 black males doing somthing looking in the trunk of a car.

12:50 855 Aldine
Neighbor burned their food somebody in the building wants file a
police report because it stinks.

1:00 3838 Broadway The Chateau
Woman beating a man with a baseball bat for selling bad crack. Police
respond and as far as they can tell the crack was good.

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11:34 4225 Sheridan
80 year old man out of control.

11:38 Lake Shore Dr
More holes at Addison and LSD. Cars with two or more flats. Police
dispatching more patrol cars to block the holes. Still no sign of
Streets and Sanitation.

12:00 3900 Broadway
Traffic stop.

12:02 4534 Hazel
Kids hanging out on the porch being loud and their mother is
threatening people who complain.

12:04 Wilson and Marine
Street stop.

12:12 700 Gordon Terrace
Woman on the ground unable to move, smells like she pooped her pants.

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