Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shots Fired

4607 Sheridan people at a party that got out of hand and there is a man waving a gun in front of the building.

Shots Fired

Montrose and Racine, nobody was hit but there was damage to property.

Still Slow

8:19 4601 Sheridan
Person stole the wallet of a customer at the one stop conveniance shop. The offender is still standing in front of the store.

8:34 Hazel and Cullom
Suspicious person reported at the corner. Male black walking back and forth person reports seeing the man put a gun in the waistband of his pants.

8:36 Person shot in the projects on Clybourne.

8:44 Postal Police asked to help with the wallet theft from 4601 Sheridan, witness saw the offender drop the wallet into a mailbox when the police arrived on the scene.

Pretty Slow Again Tonight

7:15 4350 Broadway
Disturbance people trying to get into a building they are not residents and have no reason to be there they will not leave.

7:20 552 Aldine
Domestic in progress man and woman fighting on the first floor.

8:18 Sunnyside and Hazel
Fire in a garbage can.

Tuesday Evening

6:56 Beacon and Wilson
Woman reports Hispanic male stole 10 dollars from her son. Offender is described as Hispanic male with a goatee green and white sweater, and a black book bag, green New York baseball hat. Offender was caught at 4453 Broadway, ten minutes after the incident was reported.