Thursday, March 27, 2008

Simulated Gunfire in the Area for the Next 20 Minutes

Related to the shooting of a movie.

Clark and Montrose Drag Racing

Green Honda racing a black Honda

4615 Clark St Loud Neighbors

People making noise on the second floor

Montrose and Sheridan

Guy stealing from the Salvation Army drop box

Lawrence CTA Check

Montrose Harbor

Gates to be left open tonight due to salt trucks.

Guy Drank 30 Beers and Took Some Valium

Not sure where he is but he needs a ride to the hospital.

Simulated Gunfire

There will be simulated gunfire in the area in the next 15 minutes related to the filming of a movie.

3270 Lakeshore Dr Burglary in Progress

Resident claims people are trying to break into his apartment from the front and back.

4610 Clark Burglar Alarm

3632 Broadway Female Officer Needed for Search

3900 Pinegrove Escorting Female to Apartment

Female afraid her roommates boyfriend is waiting for her in the apartment.

3550 Lakeshore Dr Check the Wellbeing

Wife in Connecticut and her husband is not answering the phone when she calls. She would like the Police to check and make sure he is ok.

4729 Sheridan Traffic Stop

Weiss Hospital Death Investigation

Man brought in by private car to er dead in dead on arrival.

1124 Wilson Wilson Mens Hotel Battery in Progress

Men fighting in their room at the Wilson Mens Hotel. on the first floor.

Kenmore and Montrose Gang Disturbance

Male blacks yelling creating a disturbance

Sheridan CTA Check

Pretty Uneventful Tonight

Things have been pretty quiet in Uptown this evening, must be the weather. There have been a few interesting items in the 23rd district although not in Uptown. Auto theft in progress foiled at Belmont and Sheffield. A warning about simulated gunfire near Pine Grove and Surf for the filming of a movie.

1319 Lawrence Disturbance

Disturbance at the Hotel man refuses to leave.

Beat 2313 Vice Complaint

1325 Wilson Intoxicated Man

Walking east on Wilson yelling and falling down.

Nothing Going On

Gonna take an hour nap

4753 Broadway Mental Disturbance

Mentally unstable Asian male showing violent tendencies on the 7th floor.

Lawrence CTA Check

Home From Work and Ready to Post

Stay tuned