Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It Has Been Pretty Slow

8:41 Windsor and Sheridan
Multiple calls comming in reporting 12-18 gangbangers with baseball bats vandalizing cars.

8:43 Windsor and Hazel
More Gangbangers up to shenanigans.

8 O'Clock Post

7:36 Windsor and Clarendon
disturbance on CTA bus.

7:37 Clark and Byron
Drunk white female refuses to pay cab fare.

7:40 1300 block of Wilson
Traffic Control

7:41 Police nabbed the two females who ripped the sink out of the wall.

7:42 Sunnyside and Sheridan
Street stop.

7:43 3725 Sheffield
Black teen selling candy in doorway refuses to leave.

7:46 710 Aldine
White female arguing in lobby with white male.

7:51 4540 Sheridan in the alley
Street stop.

7:30 Post

7:07 812 Waveland
Assault in progress large crowd gathered and arguing.

7:09 855 Aldine
Mother called to say her son just hit her.

7:10 4750 Sheridan
Vice complaint

7:23 3691 Clark
Street stop.

7:24 3400 Sheffield
Drinking on the public way.

Not in the 23rd district but interesting none the less, two drunk white females ripped the sink out of the wall, at a bar 1800 block of Addison, and they have not bothered to try and leave.

7 Oclock Post

Things are slowing down most of the activity is around Wrigley at the moment.

6:38 Public Violence Mission
5 units assigned to roam inside of Montrose to Lawrence and Broadway to Marine.

6:41 Gill Park
Park check.

6:42 4240 Lakeview
Traffic stop.

6:30 Update

6:00 Wilson and Beacon
Traffic stop.

6:00 3152 Pine Grove
Panic alarm sounded at a private residence.

6:01 Roscoe and Broadway
Parking enforcment called in for Cubs parking ban.

6:04 Montrose and Oakley
5 vendors in the park without a permit

6:06 Clarendon Park
Park district called in about a congregation of gang bangers.

6:13 1531 Byron
People having sex in their frontyard.

6:14 4615 Clark
Gang disturbance.

6:16 4724 Magnolia
Wreckless driver Lexus driving real fast around the block several times.

6:18 Sheridan and Montrose
Traffic stop.

6:20 3811 Broadway
Burgular alarm activated at Doctors office.

6:23 3649 Sheffield
Street stop.

The 6 Oclock Update

5:29 Montrose and Sheridan
10 gang bangers gathered on the corner looking like they are about to fight.

5:36 3400 Halsted
8 kids inside of a store stealing sunglasses. Beatnix says the offenders left with sunglasses and other items and headed northbound on Halsted.

5:54 Broncho Billy Playlot
Park check.

5:30 Update

5:04 Marine and Lawrence
Suspicious person on the bike path Asian male with hands down his pants watching children in the park.

5:16 Clarendon Park
Park check

5:17 900 Montrose
Gang disturbance 1 white male 7 black males shirts over there heads flashing gang signs at passing cars.

5:19 3803 Broadway
Woman on the second floor claims that another resident of this building is going to harm her.

5:28 Lawrence and Sheridan
Traffic stop.

Home From Work and Listening.

4:53 4626 Magnolia
Battery just occured neighbor hit another neighbor. Several calls have come in on this one residents claiming there is an ongoing disturbance going on at this address.

4:58 Truman College
Premise check.

4:58 POD mission
Sheffield to Clark Waveland to Addison 5 units added to the area to assist in keeping the peace around Wrigley.

5:16 900 West Montrose
gang disturbance - 6-7 black males and one white male with a white tshirt on his head flashing gang signs at cars driving by