Friday, April 4, 2008


9:59 Kenmore and Wilson
Traffic stop. They ran the plate dispatch has sent backup.

10:00 Fremont and Irving Park
Traffic stop.

10:05 3308 Broadway The Chateau
Units changing their location inside, to another apartment.

10:13 4423 Sheridan
Domestic Dispute.

10:15 4620 Clark Blockbuster Video
People harassing customers in the parking lot.

10:19 Broadway and Clarendon
Auto accident EMS in route police on the scene.

10:20 3308 Broadway The Chateau
Prostitute claimed she did not steal her customers money even though her customer claimed she did. Police had a tough time sorting through it and were not able to figure it out.

The 10 Spot

9:52 3308 Broadway The Chateau
Man claims that one of the prostitutes who lives here robbed him.

9:53 Broadway and Wilson
Drunk Hispanic male at the currency exchange causing a disturbance and refuses to leave.

9:30 Post

9:05 930 Windsor
Rival gangs having an altercation.

9:08 Broadway and Montrose
Battery in progress two or three people fighting.

9:29 909 Wilson
Gang dispersal.

9 O'Clock Post

8:37 4600 Racine
Street stop.

8:41 Sheridan and Lake Shore Drive
Kids running into traffic.

8:42 Broadway and Wilson
3 arrests waiting on the meat wagon to transport to lockup.

8:30 Update

8:20 2309 Lawrence
50 gangbangers some displaying guns, throwing bricks at each other. One of the bricks hit a pizza hut delivery vehicle. Police dispersed the crowd and are gathering information on the guy with the gun.

8:31 2311 Theft from Auto Mission
Units deployed in 2311 beat.

8 O'Clock Post

7:43 4526 Sheridan
Units on the scene investigating an armed robbery.

7:44 Clark and Addison
Bucket Boys are looking like they are going to fight someone. Call was annonymous and the police did not see anything, except “goofy Cubs Fans giving them money”.

7:54 4559 Broadway
Female arrested for the robbery turns out there was not a male offender.

Robbery Flash

7:29 4559 Broadway
Person robbed at gunpoint. Black male and black female involved. No gun was displayed but it was implied. Male fled south on Broadway female fled east on Wilson. The amount taken was $300.00. The Police have a possible ID on the female involved and believe she resides at 4526 Sheridan.
6:36 Wilson and Sheridan
Street stop.

6:44 1410 Wilson
Child abuse in progress.

Definitely Picking Up

6:18 Lawrence and Malden
Traffic stop.

6:25 Clark and Addison
Ambulance needed for person involved in the fight.

6:28 Wilson and Dover
Traffic Stop one arrest being made.

6:32 TBV Mission
Wilson to Sunnyside Clarendon to Magnolia, not swure what this type of mission is yet they did not give much detail.

6:34 District 23
Told to be ready for an extremely violent offender they are transporting to the lockup.

Things Heating Up by the Ballpark

5:58 Wilson and Racine
Car opening device needed for a citizen.

5:59 4530 Clark
People cited for drinking in the alley.

6:09 Lawrence and Winthrop
Traffic stop.

6:10 Clark and Waveland
Large fight in progress.

6:11 3620 Clark McDonalds
Large fight in progress

6:13 Montrose and Clifton
Traffic stop.

6:14 614 Oakdale


5:35 3184 Clark Starbucks
Intoxicated female refusing to leave bothering people.

5:37 Clark and Addison
Man down on the pavement lying in what they think is his own puke.

5:48 Sunnyside and Hazel
Suspicious people 9 black males standing on all four corners of the intersection.

5:51 Clark and Addison
Dispersal of the bucket boys.

5:53 811 Agatite
Traffic stop.