Saturday, May 31, 2008

A beautiful Saturday afternoon...

last 30 mins - too many calls of 'post-game' stupidity to post (ie white male beating white female on Addison - both wearing Cubs shirts)

5:25 Wilson & Broadway - woman called near payless shoes - ex-boyfriend is driving around her home, making her nervous

Something is amiss at 44xx North Hazel? Big surprise.

and another great Cubs victory:

5:15 The usual "drunk female refuses to leave Slugger's" fare....

Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday post-game fights! And more fights!

6:03 Waveland and Clark - male and female fighting

6:00 Multiple calls about violence in Gill Park (Irv & Broadway)

5:51 Broadway and Sheridan - 2 men fighting in front of Starbucks

5:50 825 West Sheridan - 2 men fighting

5:50 1340 W Irving - big fight involving many - EMS call - people yelling for help - man bleeding

5:45 3242 Wilson - 3 black male adults drinking and fighting

5:45 xxxx Clifton - male in his 50s masturbating in a truck

* UPDATE ON MISSING GIRL - she is [safe?] with a family member on the West side

5:15 19xx Wilson - missing 9-year old girl

5:10 Broncho Billy Playlot check

5:07 3210 Halsted - male white with plant in his hands getting ready to break window

5:02 Wilson and Campbell - two brothers in a dispute

5:05 4350 Broadway- male and female sleeping in walkway blocking fire exit

Friday Afternoon

5:00 Irving/Ashland - UPS driver "...being attacked by one-hundred kids..."

Many ID/License plate checks

1318 West Montrose - traffic stop

4:45 Belmont & Damon - male white beating a female black and throwing her into a car

4:30 Huge Cubs win 10-9

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Cold Tuesday Night

7:30 4427 Clifton
Missing 15 year old female.

7:33 1232 Sunnyside
Gang dispersal.

7:35 942 Montrose
Street stop for on view criminal act. Offender gave address of 1025
Sunnyside his record says he lives at
945 Lawrence police agree same shit different address. Both are

7:37 4200 Broadway
Drunk guy falling down.

7:38 Sheridan and Wilson
Two black males and one black female robbed a male of $50.00 and then
jumped into yellow cab number 1119 heading east on Wilson. They jumped
out in the alley at Wilson and Clarendon. Police nabbed the males
still looking for the female.

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Monday, May 26, 2008



4100 N Broadway - 2 males getting ready to fight

Monday Afternoon - Memorial Day

(of note - sirens have not stopped now for 53 minutes.)

3:00 Western and Irving - Nissan Armada driving with occupants drinking beer

2:50 31xx Seridan - man passed out at bus stop

2:40 4605 N Sheridan - Report of domestic battery - black male beating woman

2:39 Sheridan and Montrose Annoying panhandler outside Salvation Army

2:35 Traffic Stop - Sunnyside and Clarendon

2:30 3839 North Ashland (alley) - another copper wiring theft

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

We believe this rally is going to be HUGE!!! Please plan on attending!

It's been a relatively slow afternoon, but below you will find the "usual" hooliganism:

4:45 - Broncho Billy Park check

4:30 - Montrose and Sheridan - two homeless men creating a disturbance in the alley

3:55 1023 W Addison - white male with a SWORD threatening @ Starbucks
*white male blue baseball cap/brown jacket chased behind Goose Island on Clark
* apprehended behind Starbucks

(the rain always seems to wash away the grime)

1:45 4753 N Broadway - man disturbing people in front of Starbucks

1:15 4518 N Magnolia- group of men and one woman making a disturbance

Friday, May 23, 2008

4727 Malden Apartment #402 Again

Now the tennant is in the lobby threatening the desk clerk.

4520 Magnolia

The gang that was just dispersed back and creating a disturbance.

The Chateau Shemales and Females and Males Oh My

Fighting in the hallway.

4727 Malden Apartment #402 Again

Same stuff.

Gang Loitering

5 dispersed from 4520 Magnolia, they cannot return to this area for 8 hours or be arrested.

Robbery and Assault

Clark and Wilson man bleeding from the face after being robbed.

Gang Disturbance

833 Wilson gang tac unit dispathed.

4727 Malden Apartment #402 Again

Another fight here third or fourth time since 4:30 today

Man With a Knife

Black male inside of Mcdonald's at Sheridan and Wilson brandishing a knife threatening people.

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How do you say "fight" in French?

Another fight - this time at Le Chateau Hotel on Broadway.

Another fight

People "beating the crap out of each other" - Marshfield and Addison

Magnolia and Sunnyside - yes, another fight

Ten (10) black males fighting. Again.

New Event!

Another Battery In Progress

Broadway and Wilson - 2 females fighting - they also have a baby

What ??!

Caller reports nine children on a sailboat sinking in Montrose Harbor between the mouth of the harbor and the restroom facilities.

Please let this not be serious. Coast Guard has been alerted

** UPDATE - as of 6:52, everyone is okay.

ANOTHER Assault @ the Currency Exchange

Black male threatening to beat-up female employee.

Update from Uptown Update


Multiple calls - 6-15 Males fighting - Wilson and Magnolia

(5 min later) moving to Sunnyside and Magnolia

Yet another gang disturbance

Gang members throwing bottles outside Currency Exchange (!) at Broadway and Wilson

It's going to be a crazy Friday night

845 West Montrose - suspicious vehicle - description matching car police were seeking earlier today

4727 Malden - Assault in progress
UPDATE: Ongoing dispute between tenants in the building. Three calls already today for this address.

Montrose and Sheridan - Another assault in progress. 15 year-old girl called.

Assault - Wilson EL Stop

CTA Security called for assistance. Six 14 year-olds throwing bricks and bottles.

Montrose and Magnolia

One suspect stopped.

Suspects identified as black males -one with camo jacket; one with black puffy jacket.

Others seen by Truman College.

Broadway and Wilson !!!

Multiple calls for six people fighting - ONE WITH A GUN!

Suspects scattered in all different directions / discared their tshirts

Citizens identified the suspects as group that "hangs-out" at Broncho Billy Park.

Units are heading to area.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

19th District The Hot Spot Tonight

Been lots of reports of Hispanic gangbangers with guns.

Leavitt and Diversey

Hoyne and Clybourne

Leavitt and Clybourne.

Seem to be the hot-spots tonight.

Uptown is still quiet.

Tune Into The History Channel Now

Show about the Chicago Gangster Disciples. From 8-9

Home and Listening

Been fairly quiet the police are making their presence known in the area tonight. They just got out of an outdoor roll call at Broadway and Wilson. They are out on an anti violence and top ten target mission in the neighborhood.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fire Requested at Crime Scene

4536 Broadway they want the CFD to bring a ladder truck so that they can check something out.

Lots of Calls Reporting Graffiti in Progress

More so than usual tonight. The latest was on the cemetary wall at Montrose and Clifton.

1st Death Just Confirmed

4547 is going to be the address of the crime.

The Wagon Has Been Called

The prisoner transport has been summoned to Broadway and Wilson, and will get furthur instructions when it gets there. Maybe they have suspects in custody.

No Word on the Second Victim Yet

Last reports have the ER working on him.

Lots of Calls

on the radio they call them tickets all the 911 calls for an incident. The more news they get the better, and the more people that call with the same info the better. This incident tonight proves how organized these guys are. Much of the descriptions and direction of flight calls they got did not add up. They were actually calling 911 on themselves and giving the wrong information.

The victim at Masonic is being worked on and they cannot talk to him.

Witnesses say that nothing was said two males walked up to two other males and shot them and ran

One Dead

Police report one victim in critical condition being transported to Masonic. Very critical is " going to be staying on the scene"

!2 Extra Cars in Uptown

12 cars some even from the 20th district are in the area.

Evidence team on the way.

1207 Leland assault in progress.
4607 Clifton Vandalism in progress.

Cars Being Reassigned to Uptown

All units not on a call being sent to meet up at 4550 Broadway. They are going to canvas and get these guys. Lots of calls coming in. Traffic control units also being sent to block off all the streets leading to Sunnyside.

One victim very critical condition the other is in critical condition.

Broadway being closed down. CTA is being notified.

Police Dispatching Extra Units to Sunnyside Mall

Two suspects running towards the projects on Magnolia. The police had to ask which projects?

2 Hit

Two males down in the street. Offenders fled to behind the tennis courts at Truman College.

Shots Fired

Wilson and Broadway in front of Currency Exchange

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shots Fired

4607 Sheridan people at a party that got out of hand and there is a man waving a gun in front of the building.

Shots Fired

Montrose and Racine, nobody was hit but there was damage to property.

Still Slow

8:19 4601 Sheridan
Person stole the wallet of a customer at the one stop conveniance shop. The offender is still standing in front of the store.

8:34 Hazel and Cullom
Suspicious person reported at the corner. Male black walking back and forth person reports seeing the man put a gun in the waistband of his pants.

8:36 Person shot in the projects on Clybourne.

8:44 Postal Police asked to help with the wallet theft from 4601 Sheridan, witness saw the offender drop the wallet into a mailbox when the police arrived on the scene.

Pretty Slow Again Tonight

7:15 4350 Broadway
Disturbance people trying to get into a building they are not residents and have no reason to be there they will not leave.

7:20 552 Aldine
Domestic in progress man and woman fighting on the first floor.

8:18 Sunnyside and Hazel
Fire in a garbage can.

Tuesday Evening

6:56 Beacon and Wilson
Woman reports Hispanic male stole 10 dollars from her son. Offender is described as Hispanic male with a goatee green and white sweater, and a black book bag, green New York baseball hat. Offender was caught at 4453 Broadway, ten minutes after the incident was reported.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday 6 PM Post

5:49 829 Sunnyside
Warrant arrest made, wagon called to transport to 19th district.

5:51 Halsted and Waveland
2 black males apprehended running down an alley carrying a plasma tv. The tv was too big to fit in the back of the police car they had to call in one of the wagons to transport it to the police department and put in inventory. The two black males were arrested, for burglary.

5:52 3351 Broadway
Assault in progress inside the store.

Back After Some Time Off

5:39 Montrose and Clarendon
4 black males fighting on the basketball court.

5:42 4500 Broadway
Battery in progress.

5:44 829 Sunnyside
Gang disturbance.

5:47 829 Sunnyside
Supervisor requested.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pretty Quiet Out There Tonight

Except for at Montrose Harbor seems to be lots of reports of men having sex with each other in the bushes at Montrose Harbor.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Shots Fired

Reports of a white male with a handgun living in room 401 at the Chateau Hotel 3838 Broadway. Callers say he was shooting at people in the hallway. Uniformed officers are being advised to use extreme caution here as there are civilian dressed officers in the building.

9 O'Clock Post

7:57 Broncho Billy Playlot
Park check.

8:11 4750 Winthrop
Elderly lady tripped and fell Police found her and are taking her home.

8:11 4556 Magnolia
Person bleeding on the sidewalk.

8:15 Lawrence and Kenmore
Female laying in the middle of the sidewalk and refuses to move.

8:24 4556 Magnolia
White male wanted for battery, 30-40 years old about 180 pounds wearing blue jeans and jean jacket.

8:45 4432 Magnolia
Black male robbed another black male and is fleeing south on Magnolia towards Montrose, civilian dressed unit is responding.

8:46 4416 Magnolia
Black male in a gray sweater robbed and hit a man, more than likely the same person robbed two people.

8:49 4615 Clifton
Black female threatening suicide inside of Cornerstone community outreach.

9 O'Clock Post

7:57 Broncho Billy Playlot
Park check.

8:11 4750 Winthrop
Elderly lady tripped and fell Police found her and are taking her home.

8:11 4556 Magnolia
Person bleeding on the sidewalk.

8:15 Lawrence and Kenmore
Female laying in the middle of the sidewalk and refuses to move.

8:24 4556 Magnolia
White male wanted for battery, 30-40 years old about 180 pounds wearing blue jeans and jean jacket.

8:45 4432 Magnolia
Black male robbed another black male and is fleeing south on Magnolia towards Montrose, civilian dressed unit is responding.

8:46 4416 Magnolia
Black male in a gray sweater robbed and hit a man, more than likely the same person robbed two people.

8:49 4615 Clifton
Black female threatening suicide inside of Cornerstone community outreach.

8 O'Clock Post

7:29 4615 Malden
Loud music coming from the second floor.

7:33 Wilson and Magnolia
White male yelling at a woman for no reason.

Black male named Jerry 45 yo 180# black coat black jeans, and black backpack fled South on Winthrop. Wanted for assault at 1023 Lawrence.

7:44 Padres tie it up.

7:47 4703 Magnolia
Resident claims she was illegally locked out of her apartment by her landlord.

Busy Half Hour

7:00 646 Oakdale
Police outside the apartment of the guy threatening to kill himself and they are not getting a response. They are trying to call him on his cell phone and see if they here it ringing. They tried and did not hear anything.

7:08 540 Belmont
Woman took her 2 year old son and put it in the bathroom door jam and slammed it on his head.

7:11 920 Gordon Terrace
Woman called to complain that the police responded to the shooting with so many cars it was a real inconvenience for her trying to get home from work. She said that she did not see why they needed so many cars and in addition she thought they could find parking spaces in the neighborhood and walk to the crime scene.

7:12 Clark and Racine
Two black males and one black female in a fist fight in front of Citi Bank.

7:00 646 Oakdale
Police reached the person who reported the man attempting suicide and she got a hold of the man. He apparently is on the way to a park to do it in public. As soon as she figurs out what park he is going to she will let the police know.

7:18 1023 Lawrence
Black male and Asian male fighting in the parking lot of the dry cleaners.

7:22 Cubs go ahead one run in the first inning.

Monday 7 O'Clock Update

6:31 Montrose and Broadway
Woman down at the bus stop, fire is responding asking for police backup.

6:40 646 Oakdale
Man threatening to commit suicide, he called a friend and said goodbye, it is unclear what his chosen method will be. Police asked to go check on him.

6:44 1200 Montrose
Two black males swinging golf clubs at people walking by.

6:49 646 Oakdale
Sergeant requested to assist with male threatening suicide.

Monday Evening Post

5:59 3600 Oakley
White male in a purple Pontiac playing with himself.

6:01 4640 Sheridan
Woman in apartment 910 says her son is high and she wants him removed.

6:02 1420 Wilson Walgreens
Woman having an episode in Walgreens screaming and yelling and throwing things at people.

6:03 900 Windsor
12 Gangbangers gangbanging on the corner.

Police Have the Offender

Apparently family members were giving false information about the hostage situation, and the offender fleeing the scene. The offender was the guy the Police met n the lobby of the building he is being taken to the Police Station.

Condition of Victim

Alive, Coherent, and stable being transported to Masonic Hospital.

Handgun Has Been Recovered

Turns out that the person at Thai Aroma is the same person shot on Gordon Terrace. Police are looking for a Black Male with a white t-shirt and dark blue sweatshirt possibly fled southbound on Broadway.

Shots Fired

Reports of shots fired at 920 Gordon Terrace. Person in the lobby said that his nephew came over because someone was holding him hostage at gunpoint in his apartment for the last few hours. His nephew swung a baseball bat at the offender at which point the offender shot him in the stomach and fled. Turns out that this is more than likely the crime scen for the person shot in front of the Thai Restaraunt.

Person Shot

4142 Broadway Thai Aroma reports a person was shot in the stomach and is lying in front of the business.

Friday, May 9, 2008


5:43 4645 Clark
Burglary in progress.

5:47 Sheridan and Broadway
Female slumped over the wheel of her maroon vehicle.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Shots Fired

Sheridan and Lawrence.


8:11 3940 Sheridan
Premise check.

8:13 926 Windsor
Disturbance in front of the building.

8:35 Montrose and Hazel
Traffic stop backup requested. Plate came back for a Lincoln Navigator reported stolen on March 30th.

Wednesday Evening

8:04 926 Windsor
Group of people doing drugs in front of the building.

8:07 3830 Broadway
Female passed out on the sidewalk, fire on the way.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


8:58 4400 Clarendon
Cook County Sheriffs need assistance with something at this address. Sheriffs want to the police to meet them and they have a request for information. The police are having trouble locating the Sheriffs.

9:07 850 Irving Park
Traffic stop.

9:12 4155 Clarendon
Hand waver flagged down the police his car is missing, turns out it was towed.

9:16 3950 Sheridan
Traffic stop.

9:23 Public Violence Mission
Lawrence to Waveland Lakeshore Drive to Sheridan.

Sunday Evening Update

8:21 3950 Broadway
People need help getting their belongings from the laundry.

8:31 823 Buena
Domestic police looking into the history at the address, woman and her boyfriend are frequent flyers with the police and like to fight, real loud. The woman sounds kind of dumb and her dad who lives in Florida sounds like he is a loser also. He keeps calling from Florida asking the police to go check on his pregnant daughter.

8:45 890 Montrose Dearborn Wholesalers
Two calls about 6 black males loitering and bothering people walking by.

Sunday Evening

7:30 Montrose Harbor Parking lot
Four male hispanics drinking beer in a car with a child in it.

7:33 Leland and Malden
Five black males hanging out 15-16 years old. Known hotspot for gang activity caller wants police to check them out.

7:36 Leland and Malden
Another caller reports black males selling drugs at the corner.

7:39 3900 Broadway
Police found some property, taking it back to the station to inventory it.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

We Are Working On The Next Get Together

Email us if you can help to get this started.

We need,

Some people to bring and man a grill or two.

Some people to coordinate food and beverage ( maybe a block club would
like to step up? )

Neighborhood flyer canvassers.

Our goal is to have the grills and food nailed volunteers prior to
CAPS on May 6th.

Hope to hear from you.

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Update At 1

11:58 4157 Clarendon
Fight in progress on the 6th floor hallway. Three calls came in for this one.

12:01 4401 Broadway
Disturbance gangbangers hanging out near the bus stop.

12:06 355o Lake Shore Dr.
Crash two cars not drivable.

12:17 Lawrence and Sheridan
Two females fighting in the middle of the street.

12:24 Broadway and Cuyler
Two black males selling drugs on the corner.

12:28 4157 Clarendon
Reports of a bunch of gangbangers trying to get into the building.

12:42 Lawrence and Sheridan
Disturbance at JJ Peppers.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Midnight Update

10:47 934 Windsor
Domestic disturbance on the second floor, woman called in to report she is having a problem with her brother.

10:48 Irving and Broadway
Damage to property in progress. Three male hispanics pulled a fire hydrant out of the ground and are breaking car windows with it. Second call about this one just came in. turns out they just took the cover off the hydrant but used it to throw through car windows.

11:01 4323 Sheridan
Disturbance 15 guys on the balcony making alot of noise.

11:01 915 Wilson
Man passed out on the fifth floor fire responding asked for police back-up.

11:02 Montrose Harbor
Closing the gates at the park.

11:19 Broadway and Addison
Assault in progress black male northbound on broadway white t-shirt and blue jeans. Police got him in custody.

11:25 4843 Broadway
Assault in progress.

11:53 Clyborn and Fullerton
Report of a wolf running around the neighborhood.

Shots Fired

10:40 2746 Leavitt
Shots fired.

10:42 2746 Hoyne
More reports of shots fired off duty Police officer witnessed it and is waiting for police to help.

Friday Evening

7:20 1232 Roscoe
A full sized dark green van pulled in front of a jewelry salesman in his car and blocked him in 3 black males jumped out of the van one of the men slashed the salesman's tires and the other broke out the drivers window and popped the trunk and stole two backpacks full of jewels he was transporting.

4643 Broadway Pizza shop
Drunk black male inside threatening people.

7:47 Broncho Billy Playlot
Foot patrol.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

10 Spot

9:06 3930 Clark
Female fell and can’t get up.

9:07 4647 Marine
Street stop.

9:14 Broadway and Wilson
Group of people selling drugs.

9:28 1117 Lawrence
Fight in progress in front of the redline station. Transport car needed for arrests.

9:29 3838 Broadway The Chateau
Disturbance in the hallway.

9:32 Halsted and Waveland
Six guys fighting on the corner.

9:36 4700 Kenmore
Male passed out unresponsive on the front steps.

First Post In a Few Days

8:46 4620 Broadway
Man down in front of the Wilson train stop. Police asked to help fire at location.

8:47 1217 Wilson
Two highly intoxicated females drinking at the bus stop.

We Are Back

Work and personal commitments resulted in a break from posting. Sorry