Monday, April 28, 2008

Slow Monday Night

It's a shame that it takes miserable weather for crime to all but disappear...

9:07 915 west wilson - violation of protection order in a apartment

9:05 3536 halsted - black female causing a "ruckus" at the Center

8:50 436x kenmore - violent guest refusing to leave apartment

8:45 slick driver trying to weasel his way out of a positive ID. Even the VIN numbers were masked.

8:30 'well-being check' on a resident in an apartment on Sheridan

Early Evening Update

Things are pretty slow out there now. I will update if I hear of anything happening. I do need to go meet some people for dinner. Look for a post later.

6:31 Public Violence Mission
Lawrence to Montrose and Broadway to Marine

6:46 WestBound Irving Park at Clark
Police asked to block off westbound Irving Park at Clark St. due to an accident. Two taxicabs in a wreck at Irving Park and Southport, both cars are not drivable and need tows. One of the passengers required EMS to take her to the hospital.

6:47 Montrose and Dayton
DUI arrest.

Monday Evening Post

5:41 4613 Broadway Family Dollar
Theft reported black male left store with some hair care products fled eastbound on Wilson.

5:43 Magnolia and Wilson
Female officer needed with a cage car to search and transport an arrest. Female they have has active warrants.

5:48 1100 Irving Park
Truck needs help backing up. Second car sent to assist police having trouble getting yuppies in their cars to cooperate.

5:51 3545 Clark

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Meet and Greet a HUGE Success

Thanks to all who attended !! This is our first step. If you were there, feel free to comment; if you were not, feel free to comment as well. Input is always good. Doing is always better.

Edit by Lex - it didn't take long: between 4:00-4:30pm, calls were made about gangbangers "representing" at 44xx N Magnolia and Bronco Billy playground.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Another Update

911 Windsor bullet holes and broken glass resident reporting that her window was broken and there appears to be a bullet in her wall.

Update Update

Apparently the shots fired were probably closer to Wilson and Hazel the reports of the man down at the same time confused the issue a bit. Police believe the shots were fired from the window of a building on Hazel, based on anonymous calls they recieved.


Person down in front of JJ Peppers was a drunk hispanic male that just happened to pass out at the same time and location of the gunfire. Police are still looking through the area for the shooter. A caller reported seeing him in a building on Hazel.

Shots Fired

Lawrence and Sheridan in front of JJ Peppers. Not sure if anyone was hurt. There are cell phone reports of a man down. on the sidewalk.

Friday Night Update

5:19 1140 Wilson
Street stop.

5:20 1437 Wilson
Adult male stealing things from Walgreens.

5:21 Beacon and Lawrence
Street stop.

5:23 916 Wilson
Street stop for an on view public disturbance.

5:32 912 Windsor
Black male choking and beating a white male on the sidewalk.

5:33 4300 Kenmore
White female and black female getting high in the park area behind this address.

5:34 926 Windsor
Battery in progress.

5:40 Wilson and Sheridan
Intoxicated female making threats to people.

5:41 Montrose and Magnolia
Disturbance in the Park area

5:42 Broncho Billy Playlot
7 or 8 black teens smoking pot in the park.

5:56 Kenmore and Wilson
Black male tagging property as he jogs down Wilson.

5:58 4536 Hazel
Battery just occured.

5:57 CTA Redline
Southbound Redline service has been terminated at the Grand station. to the 65th St. Station. This may create backups and large crowds waiting for trains on the platforms police asked to be advised as they might need to respond to activity at stations.

Tonights Activity So Far

If the storms blow in as expected should be slower tonight than last Friday.

4:04 1255 Wilson
Black male drinking on his motorcycle in front of the liquor store.

4:05 4605 Kenmore
Traffic stop.

4:17 4500 Hazel
Black female with orange tube top selling drugs on the corner.

4:22 5000 Clark
Accident with man laying in the street.

4:34 837 Sunnyside
Arrest being made police need a cage car for transport. Sounds like they caught the black female selling drugs on Hazel.

4:36 4611 Beacon
Black male on the premises has an active order of protection against him and is not supposed to be there.

4:37 4603 Racine
Burglar alarm sounding.

4:46 4712 Racine
Man and woman having sex in the alley.

4:51 901 Windsor
Battery in progress two black males fighting in the street. It is not known if they have weopons.

4:58 Wilson and Broadway
Police stopping and calling for backup for an on view public disturbance at the corner.

5:03 3800 Racine
Homeless people setting up camp to loiter.

5:04 Wilson and Broadway
running the name of offender involved in the public disturbance. Offender resides in the 800 block of 63rd st.

Uptown Crime Blotter Celebrates a Milestone Today

Today is our one month anniversary. One Month and 15,000 hits later, we look forward to keeping the community informed.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

8 O'Clock Post

6:54 4848 Windsor
Foot Patrol 4800 block of Windsor.

6:58 4640 Sheridan
Fire requesting police for a report on a fire they have extinguished.

6:59 100 Lawrence
Street stop yields an arrest.

7:11 1010 Sunnyside
Resident claims she has an unwanted apartment guest that will not leave.

7:12 Hutchinson
Street stop New Mexico ID active warrant popping up on the dispatchers computer, they are checking to see if it is a servicable warrant. One of the active warrants that popped up was servicable one was not.

7:26 1265 Leland
Domestic dispute, woman reports her boyfriend pushed her down the stairs then ran out. The offender is now in the 20th district making a report of his own at 4800 Broadway. He claims that his girlfriend just beat him up.

7:28 Waveland and Halsted
Several calls about a man waving a knife and acting threatening.

7:34 Lawrence and Broadway
Domestic dispute ambulance needed woman kicked a man in the groin.

7:48 1010 Sunnyside
Resident called again to get her unwanted apartment guest removed. She would not answer the door for the police the last time they went on this call. They called her on the phone and she said that everything was fine but now she wants them to come back out. The officer asked for the dispatcher to call her and make sure she wants them to come back but she is not answering and her voicemail is full.

7:53 4320 Sheridan
Street stop.

7:54 810 Grace
Robbery occured.

7:54 1010 Sunnyside
The woman called back and claims she will be in the lobby this time waiting.

Posting Again

6:36 4718 Broadway Borders
Security in the store is holding a male for theft.

6:37 Public Viloence Mission
Magnolia to Marine, and Lawrence to Broadway

6:38 3343 Clark
White male is lurking inside location doing somthing to the ATM three calls came in on this one.

6:39 929 Alltgeldt
Burglary reported.

6:42 3928 Broadway
Hold up alarm going off at the laundromat.

Our First Step

The 'Meet and Greet' shall go on as originally planned from 1-3pm on Saturday. Nothing fancy - very simple. We put this idea in place in the last few days and see no need for tailoring to accommodate those that might find it offensive or 'politically-incorrect.'

We'll be there to shake hands and see faces that care about making our neighborhood better, and hopefully establish a foundation that will support more-elaborate events in the months to come. We hope to see you there.

- lex, pb, and many more

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


If you want to help, tonight is your chance. Stop by Nick's on Wilson and pick up flyers for the event Saturday. Pick up one for your building or more for your block. Every little bit will help get the word out. I will be there from 6-8:30 tonight.

I hope to see many, many people help us get the word out on this.

Thank You in advance.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Breaking News!!!!

First official 'Sunnyside Mall Neighbors Meet-n-Greet' is now scheduled!!

Thanks to all of you, and the Chicago Police Department, we are proud to announce our first official event:

Where: Sunnyside and Malden

When: 1-3pm Saturday, April 26

Everyone is invited, including dogs and kids!! Special guest appearance by our friends from the CPD (2pm)!

This is hopefully the first of many gatherings that will enable us to make our neighborhood safe again.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunnyside and Magnolia

Group of black males with baseball bats threatening people.

1367 Sunnyside

Maybe another person shot black female screaming and crying loiudly.

Briar Pl

In the meantime some guy is beating his girlfriend and the police are all boxed in at Agatite. And some drunks are breaking out car windows on Waveland.

Sheridan and Agatite

Gun thrown from a car.

God Damn I can't Keep Up More Shots

Sheridan and Wilson

And Yet Another Round of Shots

Marshfield and Waveland.

Person Shot

900 Sunnyside EMS on the way. White car just left with the shooters in eastbound on Agatite towards Sheridan. Police have it pulled over. They got this information from two black females on the scene. The car they pulled over had a family in it not the shooters.

And Even More Shots

West side of Truman College 12 shots. reported by police and several 911 calls.

Shots Fired Again

Police reporting hearing 18 shots 4500 Sheridan. Have about 7 residents calling in reporting the same

Black male red shirt. He apparently tried to dump the gun in a maroon Chevy. in the back seat. They have a guy with a red shirt in custody. Not sure if he is the guy because his heart rate was normal. Police recovered a revolver out of the back of the car.

Monday Evening

5:20 Lawrence and Sheridan

Black male beating-up a woman

EDIT - I'm having radio problems tonight - sorry about the lack of updates.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sobering News on a Beautiful Sunday

30+ people shot in the city this weekend?? This is so disturbing, and so timely:

"...Chicago has a homicide rate 3 times higher than New York and nearly 70 percent higher than L.A..."

Read the whole damn thing HERE.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Taking Back Sunnyside Mall

'Taking Back Sunnyside Mall' needs to happen now, before the summer
rolls in and it becomes even harder to change behavior that will most
certainly take a turn for the worse.

Folks - we need to take action and take it now.

If you want to help, please email us at

We will create an email distribution list. We will listen to ideas. We
will organize the ideas and the people interested in taking back this
area of our neighborhood. We shall have event after event and do what it
takes to win this battle.

It can be done.

The bad guys know each other. The good guys do not know each other, and
this neighborhood is starving for this type of activity.

Send your comments ideas and suggestions, and keep them coming. We will
get an event together in the next 10 days.


3:10 1039 West Lawrence
Stranger in an apartment that is forbidden to have visitors

3:30 Lincoln & Addison
Black Pontiac Gran Am with plate "RAT 911" driving erratically

Saturday Afternoon

1:45 4626 Magnolia
Domestic disturbance man and woman fighting in the lobby.

1:48 Weiss Hospital
Criminal sexual assault, not sure where it occurred.

1:52 3215 Broadway
Three black males 14 to 15 years old running in and out of the
business and refuse to leave.

1:55 3012 Broadway
Arrest of theft suspect.

2:05 Irving and Lake Shore Dr
White female in green Jaguar driving erraticly possibly drunk exiting
at Irving Park.

2:36 4707 Malden
Disturbance reported.

The rain seems to be slowing down crime. Maybe April showers not only
bring May flowers but also stop gangbangers.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Person Shot

4526 Sheridan man in the lobby of the building, with gunshot wound to the leg. Officer reports that he got hit pretty good and they need an ambulance. All the victim can tell the officers is that there were 5 black males shot him and ran. Police are looking through the yards right now to see if the gun got pitched. They also mention the possibility that the guy may have shot himself by accident.

Police are looking for 5 or 6 Black males one was short with braids with a red hoodie. The suspect walked up to the victim and asked him what he was about then shot him in the thigh. The victim is not being very cooperative with the Police. Area three detectives are responding to the victim at Masonic Hospital and the crime scene. The crime scene was described as starting at 1012 Sunnyside and heading north with a very pronounced blood trail.

Shots Fired

Multiple calls coming in reporting shots fired on Sunnyside. 1011 Sunnyside one caller reports other callers saying they believe the shots were at Sunnyside and Sheridan and some report it at Sunnyside and Clarendon.

9 pm Update

8:03 4600 to 4400 Broadway
Foot patrol.

8:07 3719 Seminary
Drunk homeless people laying in the grass drinking.

8:12 Wilson and Hazel
Female officer needed for a search.

8:29 4507 Sheridan
Person got sick at the African resteraunt EMS on the way.

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BOLO Flash

Be on the lookout for a blue Mazda four door with New Mexico plate #
JMR-482 . This car belongs to a homicide victim in Ft Wayne IN. The
suspect in this case is Tina Morriss a black female 36 years of age
five foot six and 186lbs. She possibly has cuts on her arms and hands
and should be considered armed and dangerous. Police have reason to believe that she is heading to the area.

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Friday Night Update

7:34 4558 Magnolia
Street stop in the parking lot of strip mall, known gangbangers extra
car being sent for backup just in case.

7:39 Wilson and Magnolia
Well being check man sleeping behind a dumpster.

7:45 4635 Broadway
Gang Tac unit traffic stop.

7:47 3019 Clark
Contact card made on female stopped for solicitation.

7:50 Wilson CTA
Platform check.

7:52 Halsted and Addison
Passenger in cab fell asleep and driver unable to wake him.

7:55 Lawrence and Kenmore
Intoxicated male.

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Pretty Quiet

Still listening but not much to report.

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Shots Fired

6:00 Sunnyside and Magnolia
Shots fired 6 calls reports of four shots fired by two black males
fled eastbound on Sunnyside. Witnesses say they are gangbangers from
Clarendon park shot at some Black P-Stones who were congregating in
the area. Police report that the gangbangers who got shot at claimed
to not hear or see anything.

Police have a car stopped near the tennis courts on Racine, they
turned out to be students from Truman College and were let go.

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Update at 6

5:39 4718 Broadway Borders
Black male filled a bag full of DVD's and fled the store southbound on Broadway.

5:47 4626 Magnolia
Landlord tenant dispute.

5:49 911 Buena
Battery in progress large fight reported in the street.

5:30 Update

4:47 Wrigley Field
People stuck in elevator.

4:58 4401 Broadway
Group of 30 people drinking beer and partying on the sidewalk.

5:12 849 Belle Plaine
Trespassers on property looking at residents bikes.

Friday Evening

And here we go

4:31 4520 Clarendon
Five guys jumping on three guys in the lobby of building.

4:32 4535 Sheridan
Loud music coming from a car parked in front of building.

4:42 Magnolia and Wilson
Traffic stop.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

At Stop Labor Ready Fundraiser

There may be posts later.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It Has Been Pretty Slow

8:41 Windsor and Sheridan
Multiple calls comming in reporting 12-18 gangbangers with baseball bats vandalizing cars.

8:43 Windsor and Hazel
More Gangbangers up to shenanigans.

8 O'Clock Post

7:36 Windsor and Clarendon
disturbance on CTA bus.

7:37 Clark and Byron
Drunk white female refuses to pay cab fare.

7:40 1300 block of Wilson
Traffic Control

7:41 Police nabbed the two females who ripped the sink out of the wall.

7:42 Sunnyside and Sheridan
Street stop.

7:43 3725 Sheffield
Black teen selling candy in doorway refuses to leave.

7:46 710 Aldine
White female arguing in lobby with white male.

7:51 4540 Sheridan in the alley
Street stop.

7:30 Post

7:07 812 Waveland
Assault in progress large crowd gathered and arguing.

7:09 855 Aldine
Mother called to say her son just hit her.

7:10 4750 Sheridan
Vice complaint

7:23 3691 Clark
Street stop.

7:24 3400 Sheffield
Drinking on the public way.

Not in the 23rd district but interesting none the less, two drunk white females ripped the sink out of the wall, at a bar 1800 block of Addison, and they have not bothered to try and leave.

7 Oclock Post

Things are slowing down most of the activity is around Wrigley at the moment.

6:38 Public Violence Mission
5 units assigned to roam inside of Montrose to Lawrence and Broadway to Marine.

6:41 Gill Park
Park check.

6:42 4240 Lakeview
Traffic stop.

6:30 Update

6:00 Wilson and Beacon
Traffic stop.

6:00 3152 Pine Grove
Panic alarm sounded at a private residence.

6:01 Roscoe and Broadway
Parking enforcment called in for Cubs parking ban.

6:04 Montrose and Oakley
5 vendors in the park without a permit

6:06 Clarendon Park
Park district called in about a congregation of gang bangers.

6:13 1531 Byron
People having sex in their frontyard.

6:14 4615 Clark
Gang disturbance.

6:16 4724 Magnolia
Wreckless driver Lexus driving real fast around the block several times.

6:18 Sheridan and Montrose
Traffic stop.

6:20 3811 Broadway
Burgular alarm activated at Doctors office.

6:23 3649 Sheffield
Street stop.

The 6 Oclock Update

5:29 Montrose and Sheridan
10 gang bangers gathered on the corner looking like they are about to fight.

5:36 3400 Halsted
8 kids inside of a store stealing sunglasses. Beatnix says the offenders left with sunglasses and other items and headed northbound on Halsted.

5:54 Broncho Billy Playlot
Park check.

5:30 Update

5:04 Marine and Lawrence
Suspicious person on the bike path Asian male with hands down his pants watching children in the park.

5:16 Clarendon Park
Park check

5:17 900 Montrose
Gang disturbance 1 white male 7 black males shirts over there heads flashing gang signs at passing cars.

5:19 3803 Broadway
Woman on the second floor claims that another resident of this building is going to harm her.

5:28 Lawrence and Sheridan
Traffic stop.

Home From Work and Listening.

4:53 4626 Magnolia
Battery just occured neighbor hit another neighbor. Several calls have come in on this one residents claiming there is an ongoing disturbance going on at this address.

4:58 Truman College
Premise check.

4:58 POD mission
Sheffield to Clark Waveland to Addison 5 units added to the area to assist in keeping the peace around Wrigley.

5:16 900 West Montrose
gang disturbance - 6-7 black males and one white male with a white tshirt on his head flashing gang signs at cars driving by

Monday, April 14, 2008

Shots Fired

9:06 4416 Clifton
Caller reports hearing gunshots.
8:35 1039 Lawrence
Man laying in the hallway with his head split open.

8:38 3000 Clark
Black male headed northbound on Clark wanted for stealing a leather briefcase from a car.

8 Post

Top ten mission started lawrence to Montrose Malden to Marine.

Monday Evening 7:30 Post

6:21 Malden and Wilson

6:29 3520 Broadway
Street stop.

7:09 4536 Magnolia
Traffic stop.

7:19 1100 Leland
9 Black males beating one male in the street.

7:20 4600 Broadway
19 black males chasing several other males.

7:21 Marine and Broadway
1 arrest being taken to lockup

7:22 Wilson and Broadway
dispersing a crowd of black males yelling and causing a distrubance.

Home and Listening

5:27 4508 Hazel
Two arrests being taken to lockup.

5:32 Cornelia and Hoyne
Confirmed Cougar sighting, several residents reported seeing a cougar walk down the alley, Cougar is reported headed eastbound. A news crew has arrived on the scene and police report hearing loud hissing comming from the alley.

5:35 Buena and Broadway
Homeless man getting very aggressive at the corner.

5:45 945 Agatite
Caller wants police to come and disperse the 6 dumpster divers in the alley.

5:48 4355 Sheridan Jewell Osco
Security holding black male for shoplifting.

5:57 3503 Sealey
Cougar running eastbound it is now in the back yard of a house, animal control is on the scene police told to get back in the cruisers, they report that the animal is huge and they are out of breath from running back to the cars. Cougar just jumped the fence running through the alley. Hiding under a porch. Animal is described as being 5-6 feet long and 175 pounds or more. Police just called in for a heavy weopons car and police are telling all civilians to go inside.

6:03 Shots fired at the cougar.

6:04 More shots fired at the cougar.

6:04 Police being told to hold fire the cougar is down.

6:14 3620 Clark
Man smells real bad sleeping in the booth at McDonalds and refuses to leave.

6:15 Staging area for the media being set up for the cougar shooting. Hoyne and Addison

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Evening

6:53 Roaming CRD Mission
Marine to Malden Lawrence to Montrose

6:54 1207 Leland
Trespasser refuses to leave building.

7:16 Borders Books on Broadway
Teens causing disturbance. Three black males assaulted an employee and fled north on Broadway.

8:40 1012 Wilson
Family disturbance with a mentally unstable person.

Sunday Late Afternoon Post

5:43 927 Wilson
A guy named Dale Mead is selling drugs out of his first floor apartment with his girlfriend per an anonymous caller.

5:49 1124 Wilson Fire responding to treat 6 males Police needed before fire will go in.

5:52 1100 Leland
Teens fighting in the street.

5:57 4363 Kenmore
Fire want police when they respond to this address, man cut off his finger.

6:11 912 Montrose
Two arrests being transported to lockup.

6:12 Marine and Montrose
Two homeless guys with golf clubs looking into cars.

6:19 4512 Sheridan in the alley
Street stop.

6:23 4520 Sheridan
Two Polish women report having there purses stolen, Polish speaking officer needed.

This purse snatching is the third of the day in this area, same descriptions of the offenders. Two black males, one is 6ft tall the other is 5ft tall the shorter one is wearing a red zip up sweater.

Police have possible suspects at 4638 Broadway. Victims are going to identify the suspects Police are still going through all their possessions.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I am Still Listening

It has just been really slow for a while. There really has been nothing to report. Which is fine I have been watching the baseball game. I will continue to listen and post if there is anything to report.

Thursday Evening

Things relatively slow at the moment.

5:40 4401 Hazel
Man down on the pavement fire on the way.

5:54 927 Wilson
High risk mental patient is threatening family members.

6:01 Gill Park
Foot patrol.

6:10 937 Wilson
Traffic stop.

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Thursday Night Home and Listening

Slow start probably due to how wet it is out.

4:37 Clark and Wilson
White male tan jacket and blue jeans in the parking lot of Staples harrassing people causing a disturbance asking for money.

4:43 Thorek Hospital
Death Investigation.

5:13 4621 Sheridan
Mental Disturbance, private ambulance is trying to transport a patient to another facility and he refuses to go.

5:25 4700 Racine
UPS truck blocking the street.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wednesday Evening Update

5pm - 956 West Cuyler
white male green jacket drinking in the alley

5:05 - 4108 Sheridan
woman needing assistance opening her car

5:09 - Broadway & Wilson
2 Drivers License checks

5:11 - Hazel & Windsor
5 teens throwing rocks at one youth

5:30 - 2120 West Waveland
ID check

5:36 - 1050 West Montrose
traffic stop

5:37 - Ashland & Waveland
One male black / 2 female hispanics broke out windows of business and ran

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Body of a Person Found In Montrose Harbor

At 8:07 a citizen who was fishing at Montrose Harbor flagged down a patrol officer and reported that he thought he saw the body of a person floating just off the Montrose Harbor concrete. at approximately 8:11 the Officer confirmed that it was indeed a floater in the water the Marine unit was called and fire department is on the way they said that this is protocol for this type of situatiuon. The detectives bureau was notified. Fire department has just hooked onto the body but was asked to not get involved and release the body as it could be a possible homicide and if so they do not want to CFD to contaminate the crime scene.

The scene is approximately 50 yards south of the bird sanctuary.

Police have closed off the road at the Bait shop. They mentioned that the media may attempt to get there on foot and are to be kept far from the scene. The Detectives do not want anyone near the scene, police have been advised to start moving the fisherman back to their cars, and asking them to find another place to fish this evening.

9:36 Police have pulled the body out of the water, bagged it and are now transporting it.

Breaking News

Check back in one moment. I will post the details of a body found.

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6:40 4025 Sheridan Walgreens
Assault in progress customer threatening a pharmicist. Police are asking for the meat wagon the offender is getting combative and fighting.

6:41 Halsted and Addison
Woman locked her keys in the car across the street from the Police station. They need a car opening device to come help her.

6:42 Roaming PTRT mission
7 units sent to roam from Leland to Sunnyside and Magnolia to Marine. This is the first time I have heard them mention this type of mission. I will try and figure it out and post later.

6:45 Warrant mission.


6:00 Thorek Hospital
Highly intoxicated black male causing a disruption in the lobby of the hospital security has him in custody.

6:11 2311 beat
Gang disturbance, apparently they gave out the beat instead of the location as these guys are known by the beat cars and they tend to scatter when the Police come near. 2311 did catch at least one of them and is transporting them to lockup.

6:30 3501 Halsted Little Jim’s Bar
Assault one patron threw a bottle at another patron.

The Post at 6

5:35 3515 Sheffield
Man caught stealing a car by the owner. Suspect ran into 3515 Sheffield and is hiding inside now. Police are on the scene trying to find him.

5:47 4350 Broadway
6 black males drinking in front of garage drinking and urinating. Police relaize from the address that they will be meeting the regular drinkers and urinaters when they get here.
(From a previous CAPS meeting these guys hang out in front of the Public Storage facility on broadway across the street from U-Haul, they are looking for people to hire them to assist with moving.)

5:50 Chase Park
Foot patrol in the park.

5:30 Post

5:00 945 Wilson
Traffic stop.

5:12 4640 Sheridan
Caller reports seeing kids fighting in the street.

5:29 4620 Broadway
CTA called in about intoxicated man in front of the redline entrance, bothering people.

Home and Posting

Not sure if the rain will keep the bad guys inside tonight but figured I would start to post anyway.

4:27 4550 Clarendon
Security called in a about an argument they are having with a resident who lives in apartment #407 in the South Tower, the man claimed he was going up to his apartment to get a gun and shoot the security guard.

4:29 The rain begins

4:30 Top Ten Target Mission
Looking for bad guys in the area between Broadway and Clarendon and Montrose to Lawrence.

Monday, April 7, 2008

More Faces in the Neighborhood

7 Post

6:06 941 Lawrence The Peoples Church
Beligerant man refuses to leave.

6:07 Broncho Billy Playlot
Drugs for sale Gang TAC unit on the way.

6:17 Hazel and Windsor
15 kids throwing rocks flashing gang signs.

6:18 Hazel and Windsor
10 kids fighting.

6:29 Public violence mission
7 units assigned from Lawrence to Montrose and Broadway to Marine.

6:30 3635 Wilton
Panic alarm units responding to the front and rear of the address.

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6 Post

5:38 4520 Sheridan
Black male selling drugs at the gate refuses to leave.

5:41 4509 Sheridan
Commercial alarm at pawn shop same block as previous post dispatcher
thinks it may be related.

5:44 3167 Broadway
Street stop. Guy lives at 921 Wilson has an active warrant for failure
to appear and a caution that he may be armed and dangerous.

5:45 Clarendon Park
Drunk male drinking and refuses to leave per park district.

5:56 4222 Sheridan
Animal abuse four dogs in a Dodge Caravan been there for four hours.

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5 Post

4:35 4750 Sheridan
Drunk unresponsive on the pavement Fire responding but would like
police assistance.

4:37 Clarendon Park
Foot patrol in the park.

4:38 4500 block of Magnolia
Top Ten Target Mission

4:48 4500 Magnolia
Dispersal gang of three asked to move out of the area.

5:09 922 Windsor
Street stop.

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Evening Post

9:01 Malden and Leland
Gang Disturbance

9:04 Challenger Park
Park Check

9:09 1041 Wilson

9:13 655 Irving Park
Disturbance with a cab.

9:14 855 Aldine
Assault occurred spanish speaking officer needed at the scene.

9:43 4550 Clarendon
Battery in progress.

9:53 755 Lawrence
Auto accident.

10:01 Clark and Irving Park
Car hit a light pole.

10:19 4550 Clarendon
Neighnors fighting.

10:28 Magnolia and Wilson
Citizen wants to see a seargent, said he is upset that a patrol officer told him that he could not loiter on the corner anymore and that he does not want to go home.

10:33 Newport and Halsted
Two men having sex in a silver Pontiac.

10:35 Magnolia and Wilson
Guy called in to speak to the sergeants supervisor.

10:50 3239 Magnolia
People throwing bottles at cars from the second floor.

10:51 1036 Leland
Loud music.

10:55 Lake Shore Drive Southbound
Drag racing reported on the drive.

10:57 Lawrence and Clarendon
Auto accident.

11:08 Sheridan and Wilson
Armed robbery, officer flagged down by pedestrian robbed by black male with a brown jacket fur around the collar heading north on Sheridan. Another car may have spotted the guy and are stopping him.

11:11 Lawrence and Broadway
Armed robbery, female robbed a man running southbound on Broadway.

11:13 Broadway and Leland
Police have the first armed robber in custody. Police are now lookiing for a black femaloe in a dark blue sweatshirt they believe they are working toether and the second robbery report is related.

11:15 Broadway and Leland
Victim gave a positive ID on the person the police nabbed.

11:34 Broadway and Irving Park
Man just called in on his cell phone said he purchased a pack of cigarettes and thinks they are poison, he smoked on and now his blood feels like it is on fire and he thinks he needs to go to the hospital. Fire department is on the way. Police asked to assist in case he is as crazy as he sounds.

Post-game fun

4100 N Marine Drive - someone throwing fireworks on the parking garage

34xx N Sheffield - Black youths on bikes stole a bike UPDATE: Oh those crazy 'bucket boys'

Montrose @ the Cemetery - Group of people doing drugs against the wall

900 Agatite - People doing drugs in the alley

4600 N clifton - several black males harassing, throwing paint cans at passers-by.

1024 Addison - Kids throwing dice.

Grace & Racine - Battery in prog

Afternoon Post

3:49 4000 N Clark - Assault in prog?

3:50 3136 Kenmore - Homeless man under porch in box.

3:51 Broadway/Wilson bus stop - man drinking.

1:33 3646 Wilton
Man passed out in the alley.

2:25 4431 Sheridan
Traffic stop.

2:26 4433 Sheridan
Traffic stop.

2:35 Hazel and Wilson
Seatbelt mission 4 units issuing citations.

2:41 Broncho Billy Playlot
Black males shooting dice.

2:44 Weiss
Shooting victim released from hospital.
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2:30pm - 1035 West Addison - [several] black males harassing pedestrians at an auto shop.

Also, a rather-amusing call for assistance at Slugger's, where a man walked in and promptly passed-out in the "loo." update: he walked out with no further incident.

Winthrop and Leland

Two black males fighting - beating each other with bottles.


4640 Sheridan
Person shot in the lobby of the building. Police responding indicate it is a minor gunshot wound that grazed the victims left hip.

4600 Block of Kenmore person running down the street northbound with a gun. Two black males black jackets white t-shirts. Offenders jumped into green cargo van and are now west on wilson. Several different callers have reported different info. Police are also now looking for a green Infinity Q45 sedan, another caller is reporting that the offender at Broadway and Wilson walking with blood on him.
The victim is not cooperating with the police.

Sorry About the Night Off

3:00 Leland and Marine
Person shot in the leg and wrist, in front of Weiss Hospital. Offender fled south on Clarendon. Victim is in good condition and being transported across the street to Weiss Hospital.

3:11 1325 Wilson
Man in the building with a gun.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

We WILL Post Today

The weather is just too nice today to be tied-down posting. Look for
posts after dark. We appreciate your patience.

If you have not been out yet today, I highly recommend it. This is the
best Saturday of the year so far. If you are looking for something to
do, why not participate in uptownupdate's graffiti challenge? Grab
your digital camera and go for a walk, snap photos of graffiti, and
send them to

While you are sending him the photos you should also congratulate him
on his recent accolades -he works hard to keep us all informed.

Defense for Posting the Photos

While the details for some of these offenders last arrest may seem
mundane to some readers, the truth is that the full story behind each
of these guys is too lengthy to explain. These guys have sheets - some
of them numbering over 40 other arrests - and these are just for the
crimes in which they were caught. We are not posting photos of people who
made a harmless bad decision that did not impact anyone.

What we are doing is simply making it easier for the good guys to
recognize the bad guys. Criminals need the protection of remaining
invisible to their prey. It is this 'cloak of invisibility' that allows
them to continue to operate in an area.

If the bad guys lose their protective cloak and become known in an
area it becomes neccessary for them to move somewhere else.

Knowledge can be a very powerful crime fighting tool. You will also
notice that this site will not editorialize on any of the facts that
we post. We simply report what has happened. We respect all of our
readers views and opinions and have not moderated any of the comments.
We are sorry that some may find portions of the content objectionable;
however, we have not posted anything that is not the truth.

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Busted !

Last Post for the Evening

See you tommorow.

12:28 Magnolia and Leland
Slow down ordered to other units responding to the shots fired called units on the scene have situation under control.

12:40 Wilson CTA
K-9 units holding three individuals.


12:28 Magnolia and Leland
Slow down ordered to other units responding to the shots fired called units on the scene have situation under control.

12:40 Wilson CTA
K-9 units holding three individuals.


12:18 Lawrence and Lake Michigan
Alien burial site turned out to be a rock in the ground.

12:20 4701 Magnolia
Shots fired 3 shots heard, one call so far.

12:21 Leland and Malden
Another call shots fired.

12:22 Leland and Malden
Another call shots fired caller heard screaming as well.


11:40 Curfew Mission
23rd district.

11:40 Public Violence Mission
10 sector.

11:53 4626 Magnolia
Neighbors playing loud music.

12:06 Lawrence and the Lake
Complainant at the lake calling in asking police to meet him and he will show them an alien burial site complete with tombstone.

Friday, April 4, 2008


9:59 Kenmore and Wilson
Traffic stop. They ran the plate dispatch has sent backup.

10:00 Fremont and Irving Park
Traffic stop.

10:05 3308 Broadway The Chateau
Units changing their location inside, to another apartment.

10:13 4423 Sheridan
Domestic Dispute.

10:15 4620 Clark Blockbuster Video
People harassing customers in the parking lot.

10:19 Broadway and Clarendon
Auto accident EMS in route police on the scene.

10:20 3308 Broadway The Chateau
Prostitute claimed she did not steal her customers money even though her customer claimed she did. Police had a tough time sorting through it and were not able to figure it out.

The 10 Spot

9:52 3308 Broadway The Chateau
Man claims that one of the prostitutes who lives here robbed him.

9:53 Broadway and Wilson
Drunk Hispanic male at the currency exchange causing a disturbance and refuses to leave.

9:30 Post

9:05 930 Windsor
Rival gangs having an altercation.

9:08 Broadway and Montrose
Battery in progress two or three people fighting.

9:29 909 Wilson
Gang dispersal.

9 O'Clock Post

8:37 4600 Racine
Street stop.

8:41 Sheridan and Lake Shore Drive
Kids running into traffic.

8:42 Broadway and Wilson
3 arrests waiting on the meat wagon to transport to lockup.

8:30 Update

8:20 2309 Lawrence
50 gangbangers some displaying guns, throwing bricks at each other. One of the bricks hit a pizza hut delivery vehicle. Police dispersed the crowd and are gathering information on the guy with the gun.

8:31 2311 Theft from Auto Mission
Units deployed in 2311 beat.

8 O'Clock Post

7:43 4526 Sheridan
Units on the scene investigating an armed robbery.

7:44 Clark and Addison
Bucket Boys are looking like they are going to fight someone. Call was annonymous and the police did not see anything, except “goofy Cubs Fans giving them money”.

7:54 4559 Broadway
Female arrested for the robbery turns out there was not a male offender.

Robbery Flash

7:29 4559 Broadway
Person robbed at gunpoint. Black male and black female involved. No gun was displayed but it was implied. Male fled south on Broadway female fled east on Wilson. The amount taken was $300.00. The Police have a possible ID on the female involved and believe she resides at 4526 Sheridan.
6:36 Wilson and Sheridan
Street stop.

6:44 1410 Wilson
Child abuse in progress.

Definitely Picking Up

6:18 Lawrence and Malden
Traffic stop.

6:25 Clark and Addison
Ambulance needed for person involved in the fight.

6:28 Wilson and Dover
Traffic Stop one arrest being made.

6:32 TBV Mission
Wilson to Sunnyside Clarendon to Magnolia, not swure what this type of mission is yet they did not give much detail.

6:34 District 23
Told to be ready for an extremely violent offender they are transporting to the lockup.

Things Heating Up by the Ballpark

5:58 Wilson and Racine
Car opening device needed for a citizen.

5:59 4530 Clark
People cited for drinking in the alley.

6:09 Lawrence and Winthrop
Traffic stop.

6:10 Clark and Waveland
Large fight in progress.

6:11 3620 Clark McDonalds
Large fight in progress

6:13 Montrose and Clifton
Traffic stop.

6:14 614 Oakdale


5:35 3184 Clark Starbucks
Intoxicated female refusing to leave bothering people.

5:37 Clark and Addison
Man down on the pavement lying in what they think is his own puke.

5:48 Sunnyside and Hazel
Suspicious people 9 black males standing on all four corners of the intersection.

5:51 Clark and Addison
Dispersal of the bucket boys.

5:53 811 Agatite
Traffic stop.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

All is Well in Neighborhood

Things are pretty quiet right now. I have been listening for a bit and nothing has come across. So I am going to turn in for the night. Good night everyone. If you would like to contribute to the blog please email me

It is not hard to do, in fact I had no idea what I was doing when I started a few days ago. Even if you just think you might want to do it, contact me. You do not have to listen to the scanner there are plenty of other avenues to help.

The Post at 11

10:18 4046 Clarendon
Traffic stop

10:30 1124 Wilson Wilson Mens Hotel
Battery in progress people fighting with front desk clerk about
bringing guests in.

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I am Back and Listening

Looks like we have another contributor for the blog, I am excited and enthused. He has experience blogging and truly cares about the area.

Time Out

There will be a 2-3 hour blackout on posts starting from now, as I meet with another neighbor about helping contribute to this blog. There is still plenty of room for others to assist, Wouldn't it be great to have 24/7 coverage for our neighborhood?

6 O'Clock Post

5:43 4526 Sheridan
Man called about his downstairs neighbor who refuses to leave his apartment.

5:55 Montrose and Malden
Street stop.

5:56 3456 Clark
Traffic accident.

Half Past 5 Post

5:21 4540 Hazel
People smoking drugs in the alley.

5:27 1411 Wilson
Disturbance former employee on premise refuses to leave.

5:32 945 Montrose
Man drunk yelling at and harrasing people walking by.

5 O'Clock Post

4:51 4068 Kenmore
Beat car needed for a disturbance.

4:45 Irving Park and Byron
Major accident with very serious injuries, they need extra cars to assist with traffic and they need to tape off the scene. Victims are being transported to Masonic Hospital with very serious injuries. The Major Accident squad is on the way to investigate and beat cars were told to hold their position and secure the scene until they arrive.

I posted the last one even though it is outside of Uptown because it might impact some readers trips home from work this evening. Also all non-emergency radio traffic was put on hold until they could get all their ducks in a row responding to this incident.

Are You Interested in Helping?

Several people have indicated a willingness to help if you are one of these people email me at I look foward to hearing from you.

Home From Work and Listening.

3:20 4400-4800 Magnolia
Officer to go on foot patrol.

3:33 4486 Marine Weiss Hospital
Domestic battery at the emergency room.

3:34 Wilson Skate Park
Known sex offender watching the kids at the park.

3:36 851 Montrose
Accident truck hit a fire escape in the rear of the building.

3:46 4437 Sheridan
Traffic stop.

4:12 Northbound Lake Shore Drive
Man slumped over the wheel of his car.

4:13 834 Sunnyside
Two males loitering in the hallway of the building.

4:15 Lawrence CTA
Premise check.

4:16 911 Leland
Battery in progress

4:21 4426 Magnolia
Domestic Battery flash sent out looking for the offender who lives at 4426 Magnolia.

4:23 Marine and Buena
Two black males drinking in the alley.

4:33 Lawrence and Sheridan
Street stop backup called.

4:37 4554 Broadway
Criminal tresspassing in progress black male bangin on the windows of office building and yelling at people inside.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Last Post Before Bed

10:23 4615 Malden
Black males in the alley drinking and drugging.

10:26 4626 Clifton Cornerstone Community Center
10 year old caught robbing a 3 year old.

10:33 4621 Sheridan
Missing 23 year old from the nursing home. First time escape for this guy.

Quiet Night

10:00 Somthing is happening that they cannot say over the radio need an officer to call in on his cell phone to get the information. Apparently they are supposed to go to a location to meet some detectives who want a uniformed presence for somthing they are doing. They are being very secretive about the location.

10:05 Curfew Mission
5 units asigned to look for curfew violators.

10:08 1050 Wilson
Curfew Violator.

10 Post

9:38 4550 Sheridan
Traffic stop plates are expired and the plates were reported stolen.

9:50 Montrose Harbor
People having Sexual intercourse in a blue Honda Civic.

9:30 Post

9:12 4025 Clarendon
Black males loitering.

9:13 4554 Malden
Black males possibly dealing or doing drugs.

9:20 4454 Malden
2 arrests made

9 O'Clock Post

8:45 4117 Broadway
Parked car blocking driveway.

8:50 Sheridan and Sunnyside
Two black males fighting in the street.

8:51 4554 Magnolia
Street stop

8:53 Montrose Harbor
People having a party, the officer reminded the dispatcher that smelt fishing has begun.

9:01 4153 Sheridan
Burglar alarm

After Nap Post

8:20 4347 Hazel
Caller said her section 8 neighbors are being annoying. She thinks
they are cooking cats aswell.

8:30 4736 Malden
Domestic Dispute

8:35 1143 Leland
Street stop

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Taking a Nap Back on in an Hour

Still Real Slow

5:27 4423 Sheridan
3 male blacks drinking in the alley tresspassing on property they keep trying to come in the building and have been kicked out three times today.

Evening Off to a Slow Start

I suspect with the nice weather though that will be short lived.

5:01 Lawrence CTA
Premise Check.

5:06 1045 Lawrence
Traffic Stop.

5:19 4701 Winthrop
Premise Check.

5:23 Lawrence and Sheridan
Traffic Stop.

Home From Work and Listening.

4:29 Challenger Park
People in the dog area without dogs, caller reports that she suspects they are smoking drugs or up to something.

4:30 1331 Irving Park

4:41 Sheridan and Wilson
1 arrest being taken to 19th district.

4:44 4112 Broadway
Ride with EMS man with hand injury and angry group of people surrounding him.

4:50 1028 Wilson
Car with a broken axle leaking oil all over the street. Odering a tow to have vehicle removed and cleanup from Streets and Sanitation after the car is removed.

4:52 Montrose and Sheridan
Hit and run white female in a silver Volvo hit a car and fled south on Broadway.

First Week in The Blogosphere

Nothing succeeds without success. I am going to call the first seven
days a success. 2400 hits on the counter increasing frequency of
comments. People that want to help. This is important and relevant.

I know the police said that the gang activity is just the beginning of
what is to come in the summer. We could spoil the Gangs Summer.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hey I am Taking a CAPS Holiday

See you tomorrow.

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After CAPS Post

I thought it was a good meeting, this was the first one I have
attended. The turnout seemed at least from my point of view pretty
good 54 was my head count I could be off by a few, this does not
include the 5 Police Officers in attendance.

If you have not been to one I highly recommend attending the next one
where they plan on having an expert on personal safety.

Plenty of concerns were addressed, and the forum was easy for people
to speak and bring up their particular areas of concern.

I did hear a few folks asking others about the author of this blog, at
this point I wish to remain anonymous at least until I get more
comfortable with what I am doing.

If you wish to contact me my email address is

Thanks for reading

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Offline Till After CAPS

Hope to see you people there.

The 5 Spot Post

4:45 3820 Broadway
Parker in the loading zone.

4:46 1117 Lawrence
Well-being Check

4:47 Sunnyside and Magnolia
4 black males possibly selling drugs.

4:48 Lawrence CTA check

4:56 4644 Dover
Premise check.

Home and Listening

Here is a post to start off the day. There will be a posting blackout tonight to attend the CAPS meeting but will begin posting again after the meeting.

4:01 4647 Broadway Traffic stop.

4:06 Montrose and Beacon Traffic stop.

4:19 Lawrence and Magnolia hit and run involving an ambulance.

4:21 Lawrence and Beacon traffic stop.

CAPS Meeting Tonight

7:00 pm Truman College. I am going and you should too. If you read this blog you are clearly interested.