Thursday, April 24, 2008

8 O'Clock Post

6:54 4848 Windsor
Foot Patrol 4800 block of Windsor.

6:58 4640 Sheridan
Fire requesting police for a report on a fire they have extinguished.

6:59 100 Lawrence
Street stop yields an arrest.

7:11 1010 Sunnyside
Resident claims she has an unwanted apartment guest that will not leave.

7:12 Hutchinson
Street stop New Mexico ID active warrant popping up on the dispatchers computer, they are checking to see if it is a servicable warrant. One of the active warrants that popped up was servicable one was not.

7:26 1265 Leland
Domestic dispute, woman reports her boyfriend pushed her down the stairs then ran out. The offender is now in the 20th district making a report of his own at 4800 Broadway. He claims that his girlfriend just beat him up.

7:28 Waveland and Halsted
Several calls about a man waving a knife and acting threatening.

7:34 Lawrence and Broadway
Domestic dispute ambulance needed woman kicked a man in the groin.

7:48 1010 Sunnyside
Resident called again to get her unwanted apartment guest removed. She would not answer the door for the police the last time they went on this call. They called her on the phone and she said that everything was fine but now she wants them to come back out. The officer asked for the dispatcher to call her and make sure she wants them to come back but she is not answering and her voicemail is full.

7:53 4320 Sheridan
Street stop.

7:54 810 Grace
Robbery occured.

7:54 1010 Sunnyside
The woman called back and claims she will be in the lobby this time waiting.

Posting Again

6:36 4718 Broadway Borders
Security in the store is holding a male for theft.

6:37 Public Viloence Mission
Magnolia to Marine, and Lawrence to Broadway

6:38 3343 Clark
White male is lurking inside location doing somthing to the ATM three calls came in on this one.

6:39 929 Alltgeldt
Burglary reported.

6:42 3928 Broadway
Hold up alarm going off at the laundromat.

Our First Step

The 'Meet and Greet' shall go on as originally planned from 1-3pm on Saturday. Nothing fancy - very simple. We put this idea in place in the last few days and see no need for tailoring to accommodate those that might find it offensive or 'politically-incorrect.'

We'll be there to shake hands and see faces that care about making our neighborhood better, and hopefully establish a foundation that will support more-elaborate events in the months to come. We hope to see you there.

- lex, pb, and many more