Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wednesday Night

9:28 4615 Clifton second floor
Ms. Ballenger called to report that she needs the police because she
mopped the floors and her roommate walked on them with her dirty feet.

9:29 4707 Malden
Woman on the second floor yelling out the window for the police.

9:33 4353 Clifton
Traffic stop.

9:34 Sheridan Red Line
Premise check.

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Wednesday Night

Broncho Billy Playlot - black male selling drugs

4705 N Sheridan - black male assaulting a white male on crutches - with a brick!

Belmont and Damon Fire - re-routing all traffic

46xx North [something] - 2 males on bikes throwing things at passers-by

1227 Sunnyside - street stop

4735 Magnolia - two white males drinking in front of a green chevy blazer

2147 West Belmont - building on fire

44xx Magnolia - 14 year-old black male in black jacket just sold drugs to a black male on a bike

42xx Malden - gang activity

11xx Grace - missing donkey garden statue!!