Sunday, June 1, 2008

4:55 multiple shots fired, Sunnyside and Hazel area.  multiple calls.

Sunday Morning

8:33 1319 Wilson
U-Haul truck stolen from a person moving into an apartment.

8:47 4031 Kenmore apartment #204
Address of a hit and run offender from an accident at Broadway and
Cuyler. 3 units there to investigate, calling for back-up.

9:00 U-Haul update
The victim parked the truck in a private parking lot police contacted
Lincoln Towing and found out they moved the truck to their facility

9:04 4031 Kenmore apartment #204
Police are calling for the wagon.

9:12 1101 Montrose
White jeep parked in the crosswalk.

9:27 900 Montrose
6 homeless bums hanging out in the Dearborn wholesalers lot.

10:00 4540 Hazel
Battery I progress.

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