Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hey I am Taking a CAPS Holiday

See you tomorrow.

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After CAPS Post

I thought it was a good meeting, this was the first one I have
attended. The turnout seemed at least from my point of view pretty
good 54 was my head count I could be off by a few, this does not
include the 5 Police Officers in attendance.

If you have not been to one I highly recommend attending the next one
where they plan on having an expert on personal safety.

Plenty of concerns were addressed, and the forum was easy for people
to speak and bring up their particular areas of concern.

I did hear a few folks asking others about the author of this blog, at
this point I wish to remain anonymous at least until I get more
comfortable with what I am doing.

If you wish to contact me my email address is paulinstpaul@gmail.com

Thanks for reading

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Offline Till After CAPS

Hope to see you people there.

The 5 Spot Post

4:45 3820 Broadway
Parker in the loading zone.

4:46 1117 Lawrence
Well-being Check

4:47 Sunnyside and Magnolia
4 black males possibly selling drugs.

4:48 Lawrence CTA check

4:56 4644 Dover
Premise check.

Home and Listening

Here is a post to start off the day. There will be a posting blackout tonight to attend the CAPS meeting but will begin posting again after the meeting.

4:01 4647 Broadway Traffic stop.

4:06 Montrose and Beacon Traffic stop.

4:19 Lawrence and Magnolia hit and run involving an ambulance.

4:21 Lawrence and Beacon traffic stop.

CAPS Meeting Tonight

7:00 pm Truman College. I am going and you should too. If you read this blog you are clearly interested.