Monday, April 14, 2008

Shots Fired

9:06 4416 Clifton
Caller reports hearing gunshots.
8:35 1039 Lawrence
Man laying in the hallway with his head split open.

8:38 3000 Clark
Black male headed northbound on Clark wanted for stealing a leather briefcase from a car.

8 Post

Top ten mission started lawrence to Montrose Malden to Marine.

Monday Evening 7:30 Post

6:21 Malden and Wilson

6:29 3520 Broadway
Street stop.

7:09 4536 Magnolia
Traffic stop.

7:19 1100 Leland
9 Black males beating one male in the street.

7:20 4600 Broadway
19 black males chasing several other males.

7:21 Marine and Broadway
1 arrest being taken to lockup

7:22 Wilson and Broadway
dispersing a crowd of black males yelling and causing a distrubance.

Home and Listening

5:27 4508 Hazel
Two arrests being taken to lockup.

5:32 Cornelia and Hoyne
Confirmed Cougar sighting, several residents reported seeing a cougar walk down the alley, Cougar is reported headed eastbound. A news crew has arrived on the scene and police report hearing loud hissing comming from the alley.

5:35 Buena and Broadway
Homeless man getting very aggressive at the corner.

5:45 945 Agatite
Caller wants police to come and disperse the 6 dumpster divers in the alley.

5:48 4355 Sheridan Jewell Osco
Security holding black male for shoplifting.

5:57 3503 Sealey
Cougar running eastbound it is now in the back yard of a house, animal control is on the scene police told to get back in the cruisers, they report that the animal is huge and they are out of breath from running back to the cars. Cougar just jumped the fence running through the alley. Hiding under a porch. Animal is described as being 5-6 feet long and 175 pounds or more. Police just called in for a heavy weopons car and police are telling all civilians to go inside.

6:03 Shots fired at the cougar.

6:04 More shots fired at the cougar.

6:04 Police being told to hold fire the cougar is down.

6:14 3620 Clark
Man smells real bad sleeping in the booth at McDonalds and refuses to leave.

6:15 Staging area for the media being set up for the cougar shooting. Hoyne and Addison