Monday, April 28, 2008

Slow Monday Night

It's a shame that it takes miserable weather for crime to all but disappear...

9:07 915 west wilson - violation of protection order in a apartment

9:05 3536 halsted - black female causing a "ruckus" at the Center

8:50 436x kenmore - violent guest refusing to leave apartment

8:45 slick driver trying to weasel his way out of a positive ID. Even the VIN numbers were masked.

8:30 'well-being check' on a resident in an apartment on Sheridan

Early Evening Update

Things are pretty slow out there now. I will update if I hear of anything happening. I do need to go meet some people for dinner. Look for a post later.

6:31 Public Violence Mission
Lawrence to Montrose and Broadway to Marine

6:46 WestBound Irving Park at Clark
Police asked to block off westbound Irving Park at Clark St. due to an accident. Two taxicabs in a wreck at Irving Park and Southport, both cars are not drivable and need tows. One of the passengers required EMS to take her to the hospital.

6:47 Montrose and Dayton
DUI arrest.

Monday Evening Post

5:41 4613 Broadway Family Dollar
Theft reported black male left store with some hair care products fled eastbound on Wilson.

5:43 Magnolia and Wilson
Female officer needed with a cage car to search and transport an arrest. Female they have has active warrants.

5:48 1100 Irving Park
Truck needs help backing up. Second car sent to assist police having trouble getting yuppies in their cars to cooperate.

5:51 3545 Clark