Friday, June 27, 2008

Death Investigation

8:52 1207 Leland male age 35 dead found dead of undetermined causes.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Wilson Hotel

I had to work late this evening, so I was unable to listen, but on my
walk home I noticed three cop cars and four bicycle units in front of
the Wilson Hotel.

The police were pulling guys out of the hotel in handcuffs. From what
I overheard they are part of a robbery ring. One was in possesion of a
tv from a recent robbery and the others looked like they had some
stolen shoes from various stores.

As I type this four more patrol cars have arrived and it looks as
though they are about to go in and toss the place.

Apparently the catylist for this was a shoplifter at Payless shoes who
fled directly to the Hotel.

Upon entry to the Hotel they encountered a fight in progress.
Ambulances arrived a knife was involved and their was a stabbing.

Police have apprehended the offenders.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008


Two 19th district cars being added to 2311 beat patrol tonight.

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The crime scene address is going to be 4631 Beacon. With the
possibility of a second crime scene on Leland between Clark an Dover.
The victims returned fire at this location.

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Car at the Weiss Hospital ER is a Blue Pontiac G6. Witnesses at Dover
and Beacon reported seeing it parked with occupants when another sped
up beside it fired shots and fled northbound through the alley between
Dover and Clark. The shooter in what is being described now as a black
Mitsubishi with teal highlights had on a gray shirt was a black male
about 18 years old and had corn rows and light complected..

One of the cops on the scene is calling the dispatcher to give more

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Shots Fired

Three calls to 911 about shots fired. Leland and Dover two cars
chasing each other and shooting. Three victims shot and drove
themselves to Weiss Hospital in a blue Ford Focus. Police are still
looking for the other car a black sedan.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Evening Update

10:41 1315 Leland
Black male in a white Bonneville in front of address making threats
has a gun.

10:44 Montrose Harbor
Paddy wagon requested to transport seven arrests from the park.

12:03 4536 Magnolia

12:04 4700 block of Malden
Loud party.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Things Slowing Down

10:16 4430 Magnolia
Shots fired. Police on the scene they think it may have been fireworks.

Lots of drunken batteries down in Wrigleyville. Especially at Taco Bell.


8:16 Extra cars in the zone for operation Safe Summer.

8:18 Jewell on Sheridan
Security has two female juveniles in custody for shoplifting.

8:43 4716 Malden
Street stop.

8:47 1341 Wilson
Resident claims a man just threatened him.

8:48 Wilson and Broadway
Traffic stop.

Friday Evening

7:53 1134 Wilson
Male in apartment 216 claims he is not being treated like a citizen.

8:03 Wilson and Sheridan
Traffic stop.

8:05 1300 block of Leland
Disturbance on the street.

8:06 1315 Leland
Fight on the second floor.

8:08 1311 Leland
Man in the woman’s shelter threatening residents.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

We Are Back

Sorry, work, family, and other commitments left little time to keep up
with the blogging although I continued to listen.

Look for a full weekend of posting starting Friday at 8.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Early Sunday Morning

12:40 4927 Clifton
Woman recieving phone threats she is headed to a friends house in the
23rd district.

12:41 Addison Rocks
Police trying to disperse 30-40 drinkers on the rocks.

12:44 3729 Clark
Man inside the hot dog stand with a bottle of champagne causing a

12:45 Sheridan and Sunnyside
10 black males doing somthing looking in the trunk of a car.

12:50 855 Aldine
Neighbor burned their food somebody in the building wants file a
police report because it stinks.

1:00 3838 Broadway The Chateau
Woman beating a man with a baseball bat for selling bad crack. Police
respond and as far as they can tell the crack was good.

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11:34 4225 Sheridan
80 year old man out of control.

11:38 Lake Shore Dr
More holes at Addison and LSD. Cars with two or more flats. Police
dispatching more patrol cars to block the holes. Still no sign of
Streets and Sanitation.

12:00 3900 Broadway
Traffic stop.

12:02 4534 Hazel
Kids hanging out on the porch being loud and their mother is
threatening people who complain.

12:04 Wilson and Marine
Street stop.

12:12 700 Gordon Terrace
Woman on the ground unable to move, smells like she pooped her pants.

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Saturday, June 7, 2008


11:05 3933 Sheridan
Intoxicated employee punched another employee.

11:19 Broadway and Clarendon
Auto theft just occurred, silver Impala with Texas plates.

11:27 Broadway and Clarendon
Auto theft victim hysterical at Windy Gyro causing a disturbance.
Police trying to calm him down. It is possible that the car was towed
as it was parked in the lot and he was not at one of the businesses.

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Further Update

10:40 4621 (?) N. Sheridan Hostile resident

11:16 Clarendon and Broadway -- auto theft of a silver 2008 rental with texas plate

Continued reports of damage to Lake Shore Drive; requests for sanitation to address debris


10:56 Police sending cars to LSD to block it off. Streets and
Sanitation said they might come out and pour some sand in the holes,
police trying to advise that that is not going to cut it they say the
holes are five feet long three feet wide and very deep and rebate is

There are too many disabled vehicles for the police to count.

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Evening Update

10:33 Police Station
Four people in the station complaining of auto damage from holes in
Lake Shore Dr. Police trying there best to get a hold of someone at
streets and sanitation the calls keep going to voice mail.

10:37 Police finally get through to streets and sanitation. They claim
that it is not their responsibility.

10:38 Montrose Harbor
Paddy wagon requested, by bike unit. Five arrests being made.

10:45 Public Violence Mission
10 sector.

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Saturday Evening Update

9:09 Lawrence and Malden
Traffic stop.

9:13 1113 Wilson
Man passed out under recline tracks.

9:14 4420 Magnolia
Gang dispersal.

9:20 745 Wilson
Premise check.

9:25 626 Montrose
Bumper in the road.

9:35 4507 Sheridan
Battery in progress three people fighting inside the resteraunt.

9:38 4550 Marine
Hand waver flagged down patrol car.

9:39 3600 Recreation Dr.
Auto accident.

9:48 945 Agatite
Traffic stop. Driver has a revoked drivers license.

9:58 Wilson and Magnolia
Intoxicated female screaming.

9:59 Wilson and Magnolia
Man laying in the street.

Two for the price of one.

10:03 4759 Sheridan
People in the Pantry will not leave.

10:05 4100 Sheridan
Man throwing bottles at people walking by.

10:13 LSD and Irving Park
Huge potholes developing on the drive. Parts of cars are falling off.

10:17 Sunnyside and Racine
White Ford Tempo with occupants doing drugs and playing loud music.

10:20 3700 Clifton
Loud party in the backyard.

10:22 LSD and Irving
Lots of debris from cars all over the road.

10:23 4750 Sheridan
Black male tresspassing in building refuses to leave.

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Saturday Evening

5:19 4505 Clarendon
Dispute in apartment on 26th floor. Resident fighting with his friend.

6:35 Lake Michigan
Marine unit and helicopter called in to look for three teens lost on a
jet ski.

8:01 733 Aldine
Kids in a knife fight.

8:04 Broadway North from Aldine
Police looking for a black male named shadow wielding a knife and
threatening people. Sounds like shadow is well known by the patrol

8:07 737 Aldine
People videoed the knife fight and are providing it to police.

8:08 Shadow apprehended

8:08 4233 Broadway
Attempted burglary. Woman reports a black male just climbed in her

8:16 1140 Wilson
Street stop.

8:17 Shadow being taken to church to speak to his counselor.

8:19 4506 Sheridan
Woman at the treatment center fighting the staff.

8:21 police looking for a black male with an orang baseball hat and
Kelly green shirt for the attempted burglary at 4233 Broadway.

8:23 4717 Broadway
Street stop.

8:24 4426 Clifton apt 2E
Domestic disturbance.

8:25 Grace and Seminary
Assault in progress.

8:33 Grace and Seminary
Police have Michael Jackson of 1025 Sunnyside in custody for assault.

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Saturday Rally=Another Success

If Helen thinks that her "constituents" don't care, she is hugely mistaken. Today's rally was yet another step in taking back Uptown.

Of course, she wasn't around to address what she's been avoiding, and her baseball bat-wielding staff told at least one concerned citizen to leave immediately.

Despite the absurd 'non-response,' we walked home with smiles on our faces knowing that we did the right thing. And we shall continue to do the right thing...

Thanks to all - and stay tuned for the next rally!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Night

6:55 Lawrence and Kenmore
Black male selling drugs from his bicycle, drugs are in his left front

7:00 Robbery mission
Officers walking the beat in the 10 sector to notify residents of an
increase in burglaries.

7:04 4751 Sheridan
Street stop for on view disturbance. Subject was found to be clear of
warrants but there was an officer safety alert for being a parolee and
a Latin King.

7:08 Off duty seargent needs a supervisor at a bar to inform the owner
of certain laws.

7:05 4500 Beacon
Traffic stop.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday Update

5:47 1111 Wilson
Street stop for on view disturbance.

5:52 In the 19th District
At Diversey and Leavitt some kids opened a fire hydrant and have
traffic backed up while they are running around playing in the water.

5:54 4621 Sheridan
Woman reports her boyfriend stole her check and won't give it back. He
is in the S and L Pantry.

6:17 847 Hazel
Gangbangers causing a disturbance in the alley.

6:21 Ashland and Wilson
Group of gangbangers heading east on Wilson towards uptown armed with

6:23 4623 Kenmore
Police helping someone retrieve their belongings.

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New Event Midnight Bike Ride

Ride through uptowns hotspots with The Chicago Police Bike Unit.
Friday June 13 we will meet at The Bar on Buena at Broadway and Buena.
Departure at Midnight, return at 1:30.

Look for a flyer tommorow.

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Thursday Evening

5:18 918 Montrose
Man passed put on the sidewalk.

5:19 4441 Broadway
Group of people drinking and harassing people walking by.

5:20 Wilson and Sheridan
Two arrests made for an on view act.

5:24 1020 Sunnyside
Males fighting one person injured EMS on the way.

5:28 724 Buena
Burglar alarm.

5:29 1045 Wilson
Street stop.

5:34 Wilson and Magnolia
Traffic stop.

5:35 4516 Magnolia
Two black females in a fight.

5:36 Sunnyside and Magnolia
Reports of a large fight many calls coming in.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wednesday Night

9:28 4615 Clifton second floor
Ms. Ballenger called to report that she needs the police because she
mopped the floors and her roommate walked on them with her dirty feet.

9:29 4707 Malden
Woman on the second floor yelling out the window for the police.

9:33 4353 Clifton
Traffic stop.

9:34 Sheridan Red Line
Premise check.

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Wednesday Night

Broncho Billy Playlot - black male selling drugs

4705 N Sheridan - black male assaulting a white male on crutches - with a brick!

Belmont and Damon Fire - re-routing all traffic

46xx North [something] - 2 males on bikes throwing things at passers-by

1227 Sunnyside - street stop

4735 Magnolia - two white males drinking in front of a green chevy blazer

2147 West Belmont - building on fire

44xx Magnolia - 14 year-old black male in black jacket just sold drugs to a black male on a bike

42xx Malden - gang activity

11xx Grace - missing donkey garden statue!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

CAPS Meeting Tonight

The CAPS meeting tonight is at 7:00 pm at Truman College. This meeting is for Beat 2311 which includes the areas inside of Clark to Broadway, and Montrose to Lawrence. If you are not busy you should come it is usually a very interesting meeting.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

4:55 multiple shots fired, Sunnyside and Hazel area.  multiple calls.

Sunday Morning

8:33 1319 Wilson
U-Haul truck stolen from a person moving into an apartment.

8:47 4031 Kenmore apartment #204
Address of a hit and run offender from an accident at Broadway and
Cuyler. 3 units there to investigate, calling for back-up.

9:00 U-Haul update
The victim parked the truck in a private parking lot police contacted
Lincoln Towing and found out they moved the truck to their facility

9:04 4031 Kenmore apartment #204
Police are calling for the wagon.

9:12 1101 Montrose
White jeep parked in the crosswalk.

9:27 900 Montrose
6 homeless bums hanging out in the Dearborn wholesalers lot.

10:00 4540 Hazel
Battery I progress.

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