Sunday, May 4, 2008


8:58 4400 Clarendon
Cook County Sheriffs need assistance with something at this address. Sheriffs want to the police to meet them and they have a request for information. The police are having trouble locating the Sheriffs.

9:07 850 Irving Park
Traffic stop.

9:12 4155 Clarendon
Hand waver flagged down the police his car is missing, turns out it was towed.

9:16 3950 Sheridan
Traffic stop.

9:23 Public Violence Mission
Lawrence to Waveland Lakeshore Drive to Sheridan.

Sunday Evening Update

8:21 3950 Broadway
People need help getting their belongings from the laundry.

8:31 823 Buena
Domestic police looking into the history at the address, woman and her boyfriend are frequent flyers with the police and like to fight, real loud. The woman sounds kind of dumb and her dad who lives in Florida sounds like he is a loser also. He keeps calling from Florida asking the police to go check on his pregnant daughter.

8:45 890 Montrose Dearborn Wholesalers
Two calls about 6 black males loitering and bothering people walking by.

Sunday Evening

7:30 Montrose Harbor Parking lot
Four male hispanics drinking beer in a car with a child in it.

7:33 Leland and Malden
Five black males hanging out 15-16 years old. Known hotspot for gang activity caller wants police to check them out.

7:36 Leland and Malden
Another caller reports black males selling drugs at the corner.

7:39 3900 Broadway
Police found some property, taking it back to the station to inventory it.