Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Last Post Before Bed

10:23 4615 Malden
Black males in the alley drinking and drugging.

10:26 4626 Clifton Cornerstone Community Center
10 year old caught robbing a 3 year old.

10:33 4621 Sheridan
Missing 23 year old from the nursing home. First time escape for this guy.

Quiet Night

10:00 Somthing is happening that they cannot say over the radio need an officer to call in on his cell phone to get the information. Apparently they are supposed to go to a location to meet some detectives who want a uniformed presence for somthing they are doing. They are being very secretive about the location.

10:05 Curfew Mission
5 units asigned to look for curfew violators.

10:08 1050 Wilson
Curfew Violator.

10 Post

9:38 4550 Sheridan
Traffic stop plates are expired and the plates were reported stolen.

9:50 Montrose Harbor
People having Sexual intercourse in a blue Honda Civic.

9:30 Post

9:12 4025 Clarendon
Black males loitering.

9:13 4554 Malden
Black males possibly dealing or doing drugs.

9:20 4454 Malden
2 arrests made

9 O'Clock Post

8:45 4117 Broadway
Parked car blocking driveway.

8:50 Sheridan and Sunnyside
Two black males fighting in the street.

8:51 4554 Magnolia
Street stop

8:53 Montrose Harbor
People having a party, the officer reminded the dispatcher that smelt fishing has begun.

9:01 4153 Sheridan
Burglar alarm

After Nap Post

8:20 4347 Hazel
Caller said her section 8 neighbors are being annoying. She thinks
they are cooking cats aswell.

8:30 4736 Malden
Domestic Dispute

8:35 1143 Leland
Street stop

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Taking a Nap Back on in an Hour

Still Real Slow

5:27 4423 Sheridan
3 male blacks drinking in the alley tresspassing on property they keep trying to come in the building and have been kicked out three times today.

Evening Off to a Slow Start

I suspect with the nice weather though that will be short lived.

5:01 Lawrence CTA
Premise Check.

5:06 1045 Lawrence
Traffic Stop.

5:19 4701 Winthrop
Premise Check.

5:23 Lawrence and Sheridan
Traffic Stop.

Home From Work and Listening.

4:29 Challenger Park
People in the dog area without dogs, caller reports that she suspects they are smoking drugs or up to something.

4:30 1331 Irving Park

4:41 Sheridan and Wilson
1 arrest being taken to 19th district.

4:44 4112 Broadway
Ride with EMS man with hand injury and angry group of people surrounding him.

4:50 1028 Wilson
Car with a broken axle leaking oil all over the street. Odering a tow to have vehicle removed and cleanup from Streets and Sanitation after the car is removed.

4:52 Montrose and Sheridan
Hit and run white female in a silver Volvo hit a car and fled south on Broadway.

First Week in The Blogosphere

Nothing succeeds without success. I am going to call the first seven
days a success. 2400 hits on the counter increasing frequency of
comments. People that want to help. This is important and relevant.

I know the police said that the gang activity is just the beginning of
what is to come in the summer. We could spoil the Gangs Summer.

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