Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday Update

5:47 1111 Wilson
Street stop for on view disturbance.

5:52 In the 19th District
At Diversey and Leavitt some kids opened a fire hydrant and have
traffic backed up while they are running around playing in the water.

5:54 4621 Sheridan
Woman reports her boyfriend stole her check and won't give it back. He
is in the S and L Pantry.

6:17 847 Hazel
Gangbangers causing a disturbance in the alley.

6:21 Ashland and Wilson
Group of gangbangers heading east on Wilson towards uptown armed with

6:23 4623 Kenmore
Police helping someone retrieve their belongings.

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New Event Midnight Bike Ride

Ride through uptowns hotspots with The Chicago Police Bike Unit.
Friday June 13 we will meet at The Bar on Buena at Broadway and Buena.
Departure at Midnight, return at 1:30.

Look for a flyer tommorow.

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Thursday Evening

5:18 918 Montrose
Man passed put on the sidewalk.

5:19 4441 Broadway
Group of people drinking and harassing people walking by.

5:20 Wilson and Sheridan
Two arrests made for an on view act.

5:24 1020 Sunnyside
Males fighting one person injured EMS on the way.

5:28 724 Buena
Burglar alarm.

5:29 1045 Wilson
Street stop.

5:34 Wilson and Magnolia
Traffic stop.

5:35 4516 Magnolia
Two black females in a fight.

5:36 Sunnyside and Magnolia
Reports of a large fight many calls coming in.

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