Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fire Requested at Crime Scene

4536 Broadway they want the CFD to bring a ladder truck so that they can check something out.

Lots of Calls Reporting Graffiti in Progress

More so than usual tonight. The latest was on the cemetary wall at Montrose and Clifton.

1st Death Just Confirmed

4547 is going to be the address of the crime.

The Wagon Has Been Called

The prisoner transport has been summoned to Broadway and Wilson, and will get furthur instructions when it gets there. Maybe they have suspects in custody.

No Word on the Second Victim Yet

Last reports have the ER working on him.

Lots of Calls

on the radio they call them tickets all the 911 calls for an incident. The more news they get the better, and the more people that call with the same info the better. This incident tonight proves how organized these guys are. Much of the descriptions and direction of flight calls they got did not add up. They were actually calling 911 on themselves and giving the wrong information.

The victim at Masonic is being worked on and they cannot talk to him.

Witnesses say that nothing was said two males walked up to two other males and shot them and ran

One Dead

Police report one victim in critical condition being transported to Masonic. Very critical is " going to be staying on the scene"

!2 Extra Cars in Uptown

12 cars some even from the 20th district are in the area.

Evidence team on the way.

1207 Leland assault in progress.
4607 Clifton Vandalism in progress.

Cars Being Reassigned to Uptown

All units not on a call being sent to meet up at 4550 Broadway. They are going to canvas and get these guys. Lots of calls coming in. Traffic control units also being sent to block off all the streets leading to Sunnyside.

One victim very critical condition the other is in critical condition.

Broadway being closed down. CTA is being notified.

Police Dispatching Extra Units to Sunnyside Mall

Two suspects running towards the projects on Magnolia. The police had to ask which projects?

2 Hit

Two males down in the street. Offenders fled to behind the tennis courts at Truman College.

Shots Fired

Wilson and Broadway in front of Currency Exchange