Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

We believe this rally is going to be HUGE!!! Please plan on attending!

It's been a relatively slow afternoon, but below you will find the "usual" hooliganism:

4:45 - Broncho Billy Park check

4:30 - Montrose and Sheridan - two homeless men creating a disturbance in the alley

3:55 1023 W Addison - white male with a SWORD threatening @ Starbucks
*white male blue baseball cap/brown jacket chased behind Goose Island on Clark
* apprehended behind Starbucks

(the rain always seems to wash away the grime)

1:45 4753 N Broadway - man disturbing people in front of Starbucks

1:15 4518 N Magnolia- group of men and one woman making a disturbance