Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunnyside and Magnolia

Group of black males with baseball bats threatening people.

1367 Sunnyside

Maybe another person shot black female screaming and crying loiudly.

Briar Pl

In the meantime some guy is beating his girlfriend and the police are all boxed in at Agatite. And some drunks are breaking out car windows on Waveland.

Sheridan and Agatite

Gun thrown from a car.

God Damn I can't Keep Up More Shots

Sheridan and Wilson

And Yet Another Round of Shots

Marshfield and Waveland.

Person Shot

900 Sunnyside EMS on the way. White car just left with the shooters in eastbound on Agatite towards Sheridan. Police have it pulled over. They got this information from two black females on the scene. The car they pulled over had a family in it not the shooters.

And Even More Shots

West side of Truman College 12 shots. reported by police and several 911 calls.

Shots Fired Again

Police reporting hearing 18 shots 4500 Sheridan. Have about 7 residents calling in reporting the same

Black male red shirt. He apparently tried to dump the gun in a maroon Chevy. in the back seat. They have a guy with a red shirt in custody. Not sure if he is the guy because his heart rate was normal. Police recovered a revolver out of the back of the car.

Monday Evening

5:20 Lawrence and Sheridan

Black male beating-up a woman

EDIT - I'm having radio problems tonight - sorry about the lack of updates.