Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gonna Take a Time Out

If anything big starts to develop I will be back. I am having difficulty posting mobile tomorrow I will learn how to do this and there will be less lapses in coverage. If there is anyone else out there that also monitors the scanner and wants to assist so that there is more coverage let me know. I would be glad to add you as a contibutor to this blog. Everything is set up all you need is the log in info to post to the site.

Post for activity between 7:45 and 9:45 PM

831 Montrose
7:45 Known drughouse people partying for three days being loud yelling racial slurs out the window and threats at passersby.

7:49 Sheridan El Check

8:00 Montrose and Lake shore Dr.
Male broke his ankle people refuse to dispurse.

8:06 Sheridan El Check

8:10 4315 Broadway Salvation Army
Irate customer upset about the quality of merchandise the store sells, left upon arrival of police.

8:12 Broadway and Wilson
Car opening device needed to help a man into his BMW.

8:15 4315 Beacon
Vice Complaint.

8:27 Wilson and Beacon
Suspicious vehicle Navy 4 dr sedan 2 black males following females. Police sent a tac unit.

8:36 Beat 13
Police sent a Tac unit.

8:47 Wilson and LSD
Taxicab out of control swerving and driving eraticly northbound. No one was hurt.

8:49 Montrose Beach Bird Sanctuary
40 yo black male following a bird watcher at the bird sanctuary made her nervous wanted police to know.

8:55 4400-4600 Broadway
Foot Patrol until further notice.

8:58 1021 Montrose The Driftwood Bar
Drunk Patron armed with a poolstick threatening patrons.

9:00 830 Sunnyside
Gang disturbance gangbangers flashing signs and yelling.

9:02 Sheridan El Check

Hold On Folks

I went to the bar to have a few beers, but I kept listening and took copious notes. There were 22 Incidents since my last post. I will post them now but it is going to take a few minutes to type them all up.

4457 Magnolia Person with a Knife

Offender pulled a knife on an ex-friend. Suspect fled in a blue
Plymouth van. Police located the van minus the offender looking for
him now.

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1215 Sunnyside Individuals Fighting

Resident complaining of 2 black males fighting. Bravo neighbors 3
calls to the police on this one. Officers responded fast issued a slow

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4615 Clifton Female Drug Overdose

1 Unit dispatched to scene to accompany EMS.

If I Am Home I Will Be Posting

Actually the scanner is portable so I may be able to post no matter where I am. Posts come as soon as I hear a broadcast that is relevant to the neighborhood. Sometimes there are lulls which needless to say is good. If anyone has any suggestions to help me make this more interesting or more relevant please send them to me or leave a comment.

Officers Running the DL at Bronco Billy

Came back valid but he does have a parole status, and gang affiliation warning.

Violence Prevention Mission

Broadway and Lawrence and two blocks south and east and west. 4 units assigned to the Mission to begin at 19:00 hours.

Broncho Billy Playlot

One unit asking another unit on the mission to swing by his position and check out the guy he is questioning.

4410 Magnolia Street Stop

Police questioning a pedestrian in front of this address.

876 Sunnyside Drug Dealing

8 Black Males reported by anonymous selling drugs on the street.

Mall Is Deserted Now

There were dozen of the "local players" they have dispersed because of the Police presence. Officers were told to remain and keep an eye on the mall and Broncho Billy.

Sunnyside and Magnolia

Adding a car to the "Special Mission" "There are a lot of players in the mall" I think this brings the total cars at this intersection to 7 they were asking for all the cars to set up in the area.

Police Pursuing Stolen Vehicle in the 23rd District

Gray Nissan Altima looked suspicious to an officer he ran the plate it came back stolen. He is following it on Clark now asking for backup.

4500 Magnolia "Special Mission" 6 units dispatched

6 units were taken off their patrol beats, to help in a special mission called the Top Ten crackdown near the Sunnyside Mall on Magnolia.

Vice Complaints in the "Ten Sector"?

Not sure where in the 23 district that is, I am assuming it is in Uptown Vice sounds like an Uptown crime.

4551 Sheridan Woman Fell Down Stairs

Fire is rolling Police asked to respond with Fire just in case.

Wilson CTA Check

4631 Broadway Traffic Stop

License was clear and valid and driver is an area resident.

912 Montrose Noise Complaint

Police dispatched and talked with occupants of a sedan parked in an alley and playing music loud. Police responded and dispersed the car.

Broadway and Wilson Disturbance

Police investigating a woman yelling and violently panhandling.

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Mobile post experiment

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711 Montrose Driver Fled From Department of Revenue Employee With Boot.

Aparently a Department of Revenue employee was booting a car in the 700 block of Montrose when the driver pushed the employee to the ground grabbed the boot put it into his car and drove off.

Tonight's Crime Wave to The West and South of Uptown

Armed Robbery at the Radio Shack in the 2900 block of Ashland robber used a handgun while wearing surgical gloves and fled with 1200 dollars. Some Mexicans robbed a hardware store with a crow bar on Lincoln Ave and Belmont, and a white male made off with somones bike Northbound on Clark from the 2700 block.

4516 N Sheridan Black Males Smoking Crack in the Alley

Phoned in by a resident who saw 4 black Males smoking crack in the alley behind an Elementary school.

4501 Clarendon Arrest For Drinking on The Public Way

Car dispatched to transport offender back to District 23.

900-1200 Wilson Extra Marked Car Assigned to Patrol till 1700 Hours

1004 Wilson Fight McDonalds Parking Lot

4 black Males fighting in the parking lot, phoned in by anonymous. Officers in the area report back that it is just kids messing around.

4750 N Sheridan High Risk Trespasser

High Risk Black Female refuses to leave the premises.

Request For 5 units to Be Assigned to a POV Mission

Not sure what this is except maybe a Prevention of Violence Mission these 5 units will be patrolling around the area near the Wilson L Stop and the Uplift Academy.

Magnolia and Wilson Drug Call

Car dispatched to check out an annonymous complaint about a drug dealer on the corner.

900 Wilson Officer Asking For Help On The Uplift School Dismissal

In response to the other days problems patrol officers are asking for extra marked cars in the area especially along Wilson from Broadway to Hazel.

Wilson and Hazel

Officer dispatched to be a crossing guard.

4428 Broadway Traffic Stop

Officer stopped a car no backup needed.

Curfew Violation Kenmore and Wilson

Curfew car sent to take the offender off of the patrol officers hands.