Friday, May 2, 2008

Midnight Update

10:47 934 Windsor
Domestic disturbance on the second floor, woman called in to report she is having a problem with her brother.

10:48 Irving and Broadway
Damage to property in progress. Three male hispanics pulled a fire hydrant out of the ground and are breaking car windows with it. Second call about this one just came in. turns out they just took the cover off the hydrant but used it to throw through car windows.

11:01 4323 Sheridan
Disturbance 15 guys on the balcony making alot of noise.

11:01 915 Wilson
Man passed out on the fifth floor fire responding asked for police back-up.

11:02 Montrose Harbor
Closing the gates at the park.

11:19 Broadway and Addison
Assault in progress black male northbound on broadway white t-shirt and blue jeans. Police got him in custody.

11:25 4843 Broadway
Assault in progress.

11:53 Clyborn and Fullerton
Report of a wolf running around the neighborhood.

Shots Fired

10:40 2746 Leavitt
Shots fired.

10:42 2746 Hoyne
More reports of shots fired off duty Police officer witnessed it and is waiting for police to help.

Friday Evening

7:20 1232 Roscoe
A full sized dark green van pulled in front of a jewelry salesman in his car and blocked him in 3 black males jumped out of the van one of the men slashed the salesman's tires and the other broke out the drivers window and popped the trunk and stole two backpacks full of jewels he was transporting.

4643 Broadway Pizza shop
Drunk black male inside threatening people.

7:47 Broncho Billy Playlot
Foot patrol.