Friday, April 18, 2008

Person Shot

4526 Sheridan man in the lobby of the building, with gunshot wound to the leg. Officer reports that he got hit pretty good and they need an ambulance. All the victim can tell the officers is that there were 5 black males shot him and ran. Police are looking through the yards right now to see if the gun got pitched. They also mention the possibility that the guy may have shot himself by accident.

Police are looking for 5 or 6 Black males one was short with braids with a red hoodie. The suspect walked up to the victim and asked him what he was about then shot him in the thigh. The victim is not being very cooperative with the Police. Area three detectives are responding to the victim at Masonic Hospital and the crime scene. The crime scene was described as starting at 1012 Sunnyside and heading north with a very pronounced blood trail.

Shots Fired

Multiple calls coming in reporting shots fired on Sunnyside. 1011 Sunnyside one caller reports other callers saying they believe the shots were at Sunnyside and Sheridan and some report it at Sunnyside and Clarendon.

9 pm Update

8:03 4600 to 4400 Broadway
Foot patrol.

8:07 3719 Seminary
Drunk homeless people laying in the grass drinking.

8:12 Wilson and Hazel
Female officer needed for a search.

8:29 4507 Sheridan
Person got sick at the African resteraunt EMS on the way.

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BOLO Flash

Be on the lookout for a blue Mazda four door with New Mexico plate #
JMR-482 . This car belongs to a homicide victim in Ft Wayne IN. The
suspect in this case is Tina Morriss a black female 36 years of age
five foot six and 186lbs. She possibly has cuts on her arms and hands
and should be considered armed and dangerous. Police have reason to believe that she is heading to the area.

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Friday Night Update

7:34 4558 Magnolia
Street stop in the parking lot of strip mall, known gangbangers extra
car being sent for backup just in case.

7:39 Wilson and Magnolia
Well being check man sleeping behind a dumpster.

7:45 4635 Broadway
Gang Tac unit traffic stop.

7:47 3019 Clark
Contact card made on female stopped for solicitation.

7:50 Wilson CTA
Platform check.

7:52 Halsted and Addison
Passenger in cab fell asleep and driver unable to wake him.

7:55 Lawrence and Kenmore
Intoxicated male.

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Pretty Quiet

Still listening but not much to report.

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Shots Fired

6:00 Sunnyside and Magnolia
Shots fired 6 calls reports of four shots fired by two black males
fled eastbound on Sunnyside. Witnesses say they are gangbangers from
Clarendon park shot at some Black P-Stones who were congregating in
the area. Police report that the gangbangers who got shot at claimed
to not hear or see anything.

Police have a car stopped near the tennis courts on Racine, they
turned out to be students from Truman College and were let go.

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Update at 6

5:39 4718 Broadway Borders
Black male filled a bag full of DVD's and fled the store southbound on Broadway.

5:47 4626 Magnolia
Landlord tenant dispute.

5:49 911 Buena
Battery in progress large fight reported in the street.

5:30 Update

4:47 Wrigley Field
People stuck in elevator.

4:58 4401 Broadway
Group of 30 people drinking beer and partying on the sidewalk.

5:12 849 Belle Plaine
Trespassers on property looking at residents bikes.

Friday Evening

And here we go

4:31 4520 Clarendon
Five guys jumping on three guys in the lobby of building.

4:32 4535 Sheridan
Loud music coming from a car parked in front of building.

4:42 Magnolia and Wilson
Traffic stop.