Friday, March 28, 2008

Hourly Post From the Bar

7:47 4621 Sheridan
Battery one resident fighting another.

7:58 1111 Lawrence
Man unconcious on the pavement.

8:19 4427 Racine
5 black males fighting in the street.

8:27 4500 Magnolia
6 black males selling drugs on the street.

8:30 Weiss Hospital
White BMW parked in a no parking area.

8:32 Windsor and Hazel
Guys doing bong hits in the alley.

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Was Going to Leave the Radio at Home

As I was leaving it got real interesting so I put the radio in my
pocket grabbed my iPod and walked to the bar. Look for hourly posts
starting at 7:45

6:45 Wilson and Sheridan
A fistfight broke out offenders three black males took construction
horses and used them to beat out windows of a green Pontiac
Bonneville. The offenders fled east on Windsor in a dark blue sedan.
Then headed south on Clarendon. Police have stopped both cars a
warning for caution was issued as a weopon was found in the Bonneville
in a traffic stop last week on an unrelated incident.
The police have asked for the pod camera footage at Wilson and
Sheridan for help in sorting this out. All the video showed was three
black males fleeing south on Sheridan from the El Pollo Loco lot.
This was interesting to listen to from start to finish 30 minutes from
the start of the event till the police were reviewing footage on their
portable data terminals (PDT) as they refer to them on the radio.
Police apprehended both sets of offenders within 2 minutes.

7:30 Top Ten Mission Ended
I may have missed the begins of this mission, but the several posts
about arrests earlier on were part of this. I have noticed that
recently between 6:00 and 7:30 top ten missions are run looking for
players in the area that they stop and question.

7:22 Jewell Montrose and Sheridan
Security holding black male for theft.

Back with another post in one hour.

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It is Friday Night and I want a Few Beers

I am going to go to the local watering hole for a few see you in an hour or two. Sorry but I feel like getting out. I will post when I return.

Violence Mission

7 units sent to help patrol the areas around Broadway to Clarendon Wilson to Montrose.

928 Montrose Arrest

4600 Clarendon Assault

White male threatening building manager.

Wilson and Magnolia

Arrest one offender being taken to District 23

4363 Kenmore

Boyfriend of a tenant in the lobby now repeatedly comes into building when she is not there and bangs on her door and yells.

4426 Magnolia Assault

Female Black threatened resident black pants green shirt and a pink purse.

Broadway and Kenmore Man down on the Pavement

Guy appears to be high on drugs laying on the pavement.

Wilson and Sheridan Vicious Animal

Brown and White dog chasing people around and barking at them.

Broadway and Wilson

Gang Dispersal

4759 Sheridan S and L Pantry

Store owner is holding a shoplifter.

Death Investigation at Weiss Hospital

Update on the Guy Who fell Down the Elevator Shaft

Fractured Left Hip.

Broadway and Kenmore

Guy appears to be high on drugs yelling at people.

Clarendon Park Kids Throwing Rocks

5 calls people witnessing kids throwing rocks at cars.

4516 Sheridan Fight

Kids fighting in the alley 3 phone calls from residents.

4525 Kenmore Battery

Teenager hit a 10 year old in front of the elementary school, offender is in the school

Gonna Step Out for 30 Minutes

In order to improve this blog I am heading over to staples to see if they have anything I can use to try and stream the radio signal live so people can listen.

Be right back.

Broadway and Wilson

Cars asked to help dispersing a gang of kids congregating in front of Popeyes.

4750 Sheridan

Someone fell into an elevator shaft. First car on the scene reported back that this call is bonified someone did fall into the elevator shaft fire is on the way and several more cars were sent for back up this is a high risk mental health clinic.

7 Units Sent on Prevention of Viloence Mission

7 cars sent to the area of Wilson and Sheridan to patrol Wilson to Sunnyside Broadway to Clarendon. This is most likely in response to Uplift Academy and the Wilson and Popeyes incidents earlier this week.

4700 Block of Kenmore

Traffic Stop Officer asking to run vin # to make sure it matches the plates.

1120 Wilson Fight on Special Ed Bus

One special ed student struck another special ed student. One is bleeding and fire is en route
police asked to assist.

At Work Now Back on Around 4

First weekend of post coming up, Fridays are usually interesting so check back tonight to see what is going on.

Magnolia and Wilson Foot Chase

One in custody at the Sunnyside mall. Officers looking for three other suspects. All suspects ran into a building 4425 Malden. They were in a Hyundi SantaFe and refused to stop for the police they bailed and the footchase ensued.

Beat 2312 Detectives in the Area working a Robbery Investigation

In the area making arrests

919 Leland Premise Check

Clark and Montrose 7 Eleven

Man passed out in parking lot fire rolling. Police asked to assist.

I ran out of cigarettes so I decided to go check this one out. Some knucklehead drove his Saab onto the curb and sidewalk in front of 7 Eleven and then fell asleep.