Friday, April 25, 2008

Another Update

911 Windsor bullet holes and broken glass resident reporting that her window was broken and there appears to be a bullet in her wall.

Update Update

Apparently the shots fired were probably closer to Wilson and Hazel the reports of the man down at the same time confused the issue a bit. Police believe the shots were fired from the window of a building on Hazel, based on anonymous calls they recieved.


Person down in front of JJ Peppers was a drunk hispanic male that just happened to pass out at the same time and location of the gunfire. Police are still looking through the area for the shooter. A caller reported seeing him in a building on Hazel.

Shots Fired

Lawrence and Sheridan in front of JJ Peppers. Not sure if anyone was hurt. There are cell phone reports of a man down. on the sidewalk.

Friday Night Update

5:19 1140 Wilson
Street stop.

5:20 1437 Wilson
Adult male stealing things from Walgreens.

5:21 Beacon and Lawrence
Street stop.

5:23 916 Wilson
Street stop for an on view public disturbance.

5:32 912 Windsor
Black male choking and beating a white male on the sidewalk.

5:33 4300 Kenmore
White female and black female getting high in the park area behind this address.

5:34 926 Windsor
Battery in progress.

5:40 Wilson and Sheridan
Intoxicated female making threats to people.

5:41 Montrose and Magnolia
Disturbance in the Park area

5:42 Broncho Billy Playlot
7 or 8 black teens smoking pot in the park.

5:56 Kenmore and Wilson
Black male tagging property as he jogs down Wilson.

5:58 4536 Hazel
Battery just occured.

5:57 CTA Redline
Southbound Redline service has been terminated at the Grand station. to the 65th St. Station. This may create backups and large crowds waiting for trains on the platforms police asked to be advised as they might need to respond to activity at stations.

Tonights Activity So Far

If the storms blow in as expected should be slower tonight than last Friday.

4:04 1255 Wilson
Black male drinking on his motorcycle in front of the liquor store.

4:05 4605 Kenmore
Traffic stop.

4:17 4500 Hazel
Black female with orange tube top selling drugs on the corner.

4:22 5000 Clark
Accident with man laying in the street.

4:34 837 Sunnyside
Arrest being made police need a cage car for transport. Sounds like they caught the black female selling drugs on Hazel.

4:36 4611 Beacon
Black male on the premises has an active order of protection against him and is not supposed to be there.

4:37 4603 Racine
Burglar alarm sounding.

4:46 4712 Racine
Man and woman having sex in the alley.

4:51 901 Windsor
Battery in progress two black males fighting in the street. It is not known if they have weopons.

4:58 Wilson and Broadway
Police stopping and calling for backup for an on view public disturbance at the corner.

5:03 3800 Racine
Homeless people setting up camp to loiter.

5:04 Wilson and Broadway
running the name of offender involved in the public disturbance. Offender resides in the 800 block of 63rd st.

Uptown Crime Blotter Celebrates a Milestone Today

Today is our one month anniversary. One Month and 15,000 hits later, we look forward to keeping the community informed.