Monday, July 7, 2008

Busy Monday afternoon...

17:30 4750 Sheridan woman cut a man across the throat.  Police on scene, fire responding.

17:37 44xx  Racine, anonymous call about narcotics sales in an apartment building.

17:42 request for additional cars at a traffic stop at Clarendon and Sunnyside.  Plates came up stolen, just the plates.  Possible gang member.

17:45 Police requested at Lake Path at Wilson for a bike vs bike accident with injuries.

17:49 Broadway and Wilson area, female knocking on windows of cars, asking for money.

17:52 unit requests another unit to watch the offender from the stabbing while they go to the hospital to interview the victim.

17:53 The 17:49 incident is coded out as 5 Edward - Perp gone on arrival.

17:55  transporting the offender to district headquarters.

17:59 4355 N Sheridan, at Jewel, drunk belligerent male being held for theft.

18:01 unit from traffic stop at Sunnyside and Clarendon transporting car to headquarters.

and I'm out.  Got stuff to do, and this stuff is happening faster than I can type.