Sunday, March 30, 2008

Things Picked Up

11:19 1325 Sunnyside
2 black males in their 40s bothering people on Sunnyside Mall.

11:31 915 Wilson
Disturbance in the hallway of this building

11:32 Leland and Sheridan
Arrest made

Things Still Slow in the Area

10:00 Curfew Mission
2 units to go on a curfew mission.

10:02 802 Sunnyside
Traffic stop.

10:26 1047 Leland
Pedestrian stop.

This will be the last regular post tonight. I will continue to monitor the radio and if anything interesting happens I will post about it. If you see anything in your area make sure you call 911 and report it. If we work at it, every night can be as quiet as tonight.

9:30 Post

Nothing to report, I actually checked the radio a couple of times to make sure it was on. It was just things have gotten real quiet around here tonight. So in order to make the post interesting I thought I would add a few of the spots that the Police like to eat at. Police usually know all the good places. 3292 Broadway is probably the number one place that they request time to take lunch at, this is the address for Windy City Gyros, a close second is Thorek Hospital, I checked the Cafeteria hours here and found that it was closed they must have a special deal for the Police.

9:00 Post

8:51 654 Hutchinson
Burglary in progress. It turns out the guy forgot to shut the door and the wind blew it making a noise which led him to believe that he was being robbed.

8:58 3838 Broadway
Female with protective order banned from property will not leave. Police warned to use universal caution at this location.

8:30 Update

8:06 Challenger Park
Park Check

8:17 Leland and Sheridan
Traffic stop.

8:29 4346 Kenmore
Black male hides drugs in the bushes and deals to people that drive up. He is wearing a black leather jacket that says Chicago on the back.

The 8:00 Post

7:27 940 Cuyler
People having sex behind buildings in the alley.

7:33 925 Lakeside Pl
Domestic Battery offender fled in victims gray trailblazer

7:35 Buena and Broadway
White male in front of the liquor store harassing people.

7:48 940 Cuyler
Caller wants to report a missing person.

7:49 3919 Fremont
Fire rolling to apartment fire Police asked to respond and provide traffic control.

7:53 Wilson and Sheridan
Theft in progress someone called to report that people were stealing items from the Salvation Army dropbox.

Still a Bit Slow

7:03 4626 Magnolia
Disturbance neighbor complaining that the people upstairs are playing there music too loud.

7:10 3480 Lakeshore Dr.
Premise Check

7:12 1114 Wilson
Traffic Stop, Police pulled over a car with Pennsylvania plates.

Things Slowed Down a Bit

6:30 Beat 13
Public Violence Mission, 5 units assigned to patrol Town Hall 13.

6:39 Leland and Sheridan
3-5 Black Males loitering on the corner.

6:42 3741 Broadway
Fire en route need assistance man passed out on sidewalk.

Dreary Weather not Slowing Down the Criminals

6:03 4407 Clark
Auto Theft, man left his car running went into Subway for a sandwich came out and his green Ford Explorer was gone.

6:06 Ashland and Montrose
Police found the vehicle and made an arrest. Offender was one of the top ten targets from the earlier mentioned mission.

6:09 927 Wilson
Drug dealing

6:25 Montrose Harbor
Traffice Stop

Things Are Picking Up

5:29 4437 Magnolia Broncho Billy Playlot
Black Males gambling in the playlot.

5:36 4526 Sheridan
Hand waiver flagged down unit about a battery in progress backup unit sent to assist.

5:37 3950 Lakeshore
Check the well-being building manager is concerned about a resident that has not been seen in a while.

5:38 BP Station Lawrence and Marine
Assault offender still on the scene.

5:44 Top Ten Target Mission
5 units being used from Beacon to Broadway, and Wilson to Montrose.

It Has Been Pretty Slow

5:07 4424 Racine
Traffic Stop

5:11 Lawrence CTA Check

5:14 4747 Magnolia
Police asked to ride with Fire to check on a rubbish fire. Funny you would think by now they would know that this has been going on for 24 hours now. At least four calls that I have heard.

At Home and Listening

Look for some posts soon, on a side note I took a drive through the neighborhood and the bonfire that made a few posts last night at 4747 Magnolia is still going.

Comments Please

People if you see any of these items taking place, make sure to comment.

If you see anything not on the list comment on it as well.

I enjoy reading your comments as do your neighbors. I respond to most
if not all. This should developed into a community collaborative forum.

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Another Mobile Post

10:33 4737 Magnolia
Bonfire in the rear of the building.

10:41 915 Wilson
Domestic dispute woman called in to report the father of her child
will not leave. Father has an active order of protection and is not
supposed to be there.

11:04 Curfew Mission

11:05 Lawrence Redline
Kidnapping in progress. Male in black pants and gray goodie forced a
female into a gray SUV. Police arrived and male fled on foot eastbound
on Lawrence female not interested in pursuing the matter.

11:59 4550 Clarendon
Report of loud music.

12:15 Southbound LSD
Traffic stop backup called.

12:17 Irving Park and Clark
Strong smell of gas in the air.

12:21 3720 Broadway
Traffic stop.

12:31 3600 Recreation Dr
Two name checks on a pedestrian stop.

12:34 823 Buena
Check the wellbeing on the earlier domestic dispute victim.

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