Monday, March 31, 2008

The 10 O'clock Post

9:46 4515 Sheridan
Black Males making lots of noise. Police have already been here several times today for these guys.

9:51 Clark and Montrose
Drunk White guy with a green shirt walking around asking people if they can sell him drugs.

9:57 Clark and Irving Park
2 White males fighting.

10:00 800 block of Sunnyside
Gangbangers causing trouble again flashing signs.

10:04 4530 Magnolia
Supervisor needed for a stop.

10:05 Curfew Mission
Several units assigned to look for curfew violators.

19th District Craziness

The 19 th district shares the airwaves with the 23rd district here in Chicago, for those of you not familiar with the 19th district geographicly it uses the same north and south borders as the 23rd district Fullerton to Lawrence. The 19th district begins at Clark and heads west. Tonight they have been having non-stop craziness.

Some of the highlights so far was the first dispersal of the year for the “Bucket Boys” these are the guys with the pickle buckets that drum in front of busy places. There is a guy running down Lincoln Ave in a hospital gown and his private parts keep falling out as he is running. They have a love triangle on Hoyne Ave. with one of the participants armed with a box-cutter. There are a group of drunk people doing push-ups and sit-ups in an alley, off of Southport. Someone who lives on Newport heard what he thought was an explosion turned out that it was the EL going by, he just moved here from out of town and it is his first night living there and was not used to the noise the EL makes.

All of this was in the last 10 minutes, as soon as somthing happens in the 23rd district I will post it.

Back Home Posts to Follow

Listening now so expect half hourly posts starting at 10

Time Out

Will be out doing a few things for the next few hours. I need a break from doing this every night. So look for a post around 10 but I do not expect that it will be one of the retroactive posts with content that happened while I was away.


I added the area around Wrigley for this post as it got kind of interesting as the game got closer to completion.

5:28 1041 Wilson
Pedestrian stop, and name check, person does not know there Social Security Number or have ID. Name check comes back as a person with parole status and gang affiliations and an active order of protection.

5:31 3620 Clark McDonalds
Security is holding a white male for damage to property.

5:35 4403 Sheridan
Domestic battery woman called from payphone said that she is having a problem with her boyfriend.

5:36 Clark and Addison The Cubby Bear
White female refuses to pay her $700.00 bar tab.

5:38 3525 Seminary
Man lying on the pavement completely unresponsive

5:39 Ashland and Addison
Drunk Man drove into a parked car is trying to flee the scene.

5:40 4520 Clarendon
Check the well-being, woman called in to claim that she talks to her son everyday and has not heard from him today. She wants the Police to go and see if he is ok. Turns out he was fine and the Police said that they were another pair of overserved citizens.

5:47 3714 Clark
Drunk man hit a drunk female big fight broke out.

6:03 745 Wilson
Premise Check

6:08 3564 Sheffield
Fight at the 7 Eleven

6:16 651 Hutchinson
Burglar alarm same address as yesterdays burglar alarm. Same reason to the guy forgot to shut his door.

6:20 4332 Sheridan
Car broken down in the bus stop officer asking for courtesy to allow the time to get the car moved from the location.

6:32 POV Mission
7 units involved to patrol the area from Broadway to Clarendon Lawrence to Montrose.

6:36 Newport and Sheffield
Auto Theft in progress. Police caught the offender trying to steal a gray SUV.

6:40 Addison and Halsted
Auto accident at the Shell gas station, Cab vs. Honda Civic. Cab trying to flee the scene.

6:46 3622 Clark
Suspicious package in the ATM vestibule

6:47 3900 Broadway
Accident driver to take himself to the hospital.

6:47 928 Wilson
Dispute over change at the store.

Resident Witnesses the Fire on Magnolia

Fellow Uptown Blogger Butternut witnessed the fire and took pictures. This was the never ending saga of the weekend in the area with at least five fire and police calls from saturday through sunday. Check it out here.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Things Picked Up

11:19 1325 Sunnyside
2 black males in their 40s bothering people on Sunnyside Mall.

11:31 915 Wilson
Disturbance in the hallway of this building

11:32 Leland and Sheridan
Arrest made

Things Still Slow in the Area

10:00 Curfew Mission
2 units to go on a curfew mission.

10:02 802 Sunnyside
Traffic stop.

10:26 1047 Leland
Pedestrian stop.

This will be the last regular post tonight. I will continue to monitor the radio and if anything interesting happens I will post about it. If you see anything in your area make sure you call 911 and report it. If we work at it, every night can be as quiet as tonight.

9:30 Post

Nothing to report, I actually checked the radio a couple of times to make sure it was on. It was just things have gotten real quiet around here tonight. So in order to make the post interesting I thought I would add a few of the spots that the Police like to eat at. Police usually know all the good places. 3292 Broadway is probably the number one place that they request time to take lunch at, this is the address for Windy City Gyros, a close second is Thorek Hospital, I checked the Cafeteria hours here and found that it was closed they must have a special deal for the Police.

9:00 Post

8:51 654 Hutchinson
Burglary in progress. It turns out the guy forgot to shut the door and the wind blew it making a noise which led him to believe that he was being robbed.

8:58 3838 Broadway
Female with protective order banned from property will not leave. Police warned to use universal caution at this location.

8:30 Update

8:06 Challenger Park
Park Check

8:17 Leland and Sheridan
Traffic stop.

8:29 4346 Kenmore
Black male hides drugs in the bushes and deals to people that drive up. He is wearing a black leather jacket that says Chicago on the back.

The 8:00 Post

7:27 940 Cuyler
People having sex behind buildings in the alley.

7:33 925 Lakeside Pl
Domestic Battery offender fled in victims gray trailblazer

7:35 Buena and Broadway
White male in front of the liquor store harassing people.

7:48 940 Cuyler
Caller wants to report a missing person.

7:49 3919 Fremont
Fire rolling to apartment fire Police asked to respond and provide traffic control.

7:53 Wilson and Sheridan
Theft in progress someone called to report that people were stealing items from the Salvation Army dropbox.

Still a Bit Slow

7:03 4626 Magnolia
Disturbance neighbor complaining that the people upstairs are playing there music too loud.

7:10 3480 Lakeshore Dr.
Premise Check

7:12 1114 Wilson
Traffic Stop, Police pulled over a car with Pennsylvania plates.

Things Slowed Down a Bit

6:30 Beat 13
Public Violence Mission, 5 units assigned to patrol Town Hall 13.

6:39 Leland and Sheridan
3-5 Black Males loitering on the corner.

6:42 3741 Broadway
Fire en route need assistance man passed out on sidewalk.

Dreary Weather not Slowing Down the Criminals

6:03 4407 Clark
Auto Theft, man left his car running went into Subway for a sandwich came out and his green Ford Explorer was gone.

6:06 Ashland and Montrose
Police found the vehicle and made an arrest. Offender was one of the top ten targets from the earlier mentioned mission.

6:09 927 Wilson
Drug dealing

6:25 Montrose Harbor
Traffice Stop

Things Are Picking Up

5:29 4437 Magnolia Broncho Billy Playlot
Black Males gambling in the playlot.

5:36 4526 Sheridan
Hand waiver flagged down unit about a battery in progress backup unit sent to assist.

5:37 3950 Lakeshore
Check the well-being building manager is concerned about a resident that has not been seen in a while.

5:38 BP Station Lawrence and Marine
Assault offender still on the scene.

5:44 Top Ten Target Mission
5 units being used from Beacon to Broadway, and Wilson to Montrose.

It Has Been Pretty Slow

5:07 4424 Racine
Traffic Stop

5:11 Lawrence CTA Check

5:14 4747 Magnolia
Police asked to ride with Fire to check on a rubbish fire. Funny you would think by now they would know that this has been going on for 24 hours now. At least four calls that I have heard.

At Home and Listening

Look for some posts soon, on a side note I took a drive through the neighborhood and the bonfire that made a few posts last night at 4747 Magnolia is still going.

Comments Please

People if you see any of these items taking place, make sure to comment.

If you see anything not on the list comment on it as well.

I enjoy reading your comments as do your neighbors. I respond to most
if not all. This should developed into a community collaborative forum.

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Another Mobile Post

10:33 4737 Magnolia
Bonfire in the rear of the building.

10:41 915 Wilson
Domestic dispute woman called in to report the father of her child
will not leave. Father has an active order of protection and is not
supposed to be there.

11:04 Curfew Mission

11:05 Lawrence Redline
Kidnapping in progress. Male in black pants and gray goodie forced a
female into a gray SUV. Police arrived and male fled on foot eastbound
on Lawrence female not interested in pursuing the matter.

11:59 4550 Clarendon
Report of loud music.

12:15 Southbound LSD
Traffic stop backup called.

12:17 Irving Park and Clark
Strong smell of gas in the air.

12:21 3720 Broadway
Traffic stop.

12:31 3600 Recreation Dr
Two name checks on a pedestrian stop.

12:34 823 Buena
Check the wellbeing on the earlier domestic dispute victim.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Next Post

9:51 4730 Winthrop
Man passed out on the stairway.

9:56 Sheridan and Leland

10:01 4747 Magnolia
Fire rolling want police assistance for somthing burning in the front
of this address.

10:02 Stockton Elementary School
Burgular alarm

10:16 3020 Broadway
Arson in progress at the old Dominicks. Fire on the way two white
males pouring gasoline on a dumpster in the alley behind this building.

10:18 Northbound Lakeshore Dr.
Gold Toyota Camry driving wrecklessly.

10:24 4260 Broadway
Battery in progress Asian male bearing Asian female in the driveway in
front of a silver Mercedes.

Turns out arson in progress was a false alarm.

10:27 Broadway and Montrose
Police have stopped the silver Mercedes involved in the earlier
battery in progress.

10:30 Montrose and Clarendon
Traffic stop

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Things That Happened While I was Out

8:29 4125 Kenmore man upset with landlord for turning off the power in
the building for earth hour.

8:46 4621 Sheridan
Traffic stop.

8:49 3800 Recreation Dr.
Female officer needed for a search.

8:58 4700 Magnolia
Neighborhood bonfire going on in the front yard.

9:09 4750 Malden
Lady spent several days in the hospital now she is home and their are
people living in her place that will not leave.

9:35 851 Montrose

Sent from my iPod

4526 Sheridan

Disturbance upstairs neighbor making loud noises

Wilson and Broadway

Drug dealing.

823 Buena

Pregnant lady being beat by her husband.

4550 Clarendon

Traffic stop unit asking for backup.

3838 Broadway

The Chateau a she-male causing a disturbance on the 4th floor.

Broadway and Wilson

Vice complaint at the Currency Exchange.

4747 Magnolia

Flames in the side yard.

4626 Kenmore

Someone playing loud music.

920 Wilson

Jesus People USA having trouble with a white male.

Sunnyside and Hazel

Gang disturbance 20 gangbangers congregating.

920 Wilson

man refuses to leave.

1325 Wilson

Suicide attempt bipolar guy attempting to kill himself fir enroute need police backup.

1148 Wilson

Top ten stop.

4542 Magnolia

Top Ten stop.

Clark and Wilson

5 white males drinking and throwing beer cans on the sidewalk.

4421 Broadway

Vice complaint.

4541 Clarendon

Domestic dispute.

4640 Sheridan

Check the well being some people don't have a phone and some other people want to know if they are ok.

Not Heard on the Scanner

But some asshole is honking his horn outside my window.

Washington Mutual Bank

ATM skimming device found.

Sunnyside Mall

Selling Drugs and making a lot of noise no further details.

Top Ten Enforcement Mission

5 cars assigned to the area around Wilson to Montrose Broadway to Beacon.

The Last few Hours Were Pretty Uneventful In our Neck of the Woods

Not going to bother with typing up the details. Will post in real time for a few hours now.

As promised the 1:00 Post

1124 Wilson
Police asked to respond with engine 83 to a man down on the pavement unresponsive.

Chicago Police Marine Unit doing a safety at sea mission with the coast guard, there will be a helicopter rescue the use of flares and loud reports.

Irving Park and Marine Dr.
Auto Accident unknown if any injuries.

4551 Sheridan
Parking violators in the laundromat parking lot.

Too many moving truck parking violations to mention. Someone from the Alderman's office called this in.

4861 Broadway
Arrest at Borders.

I will Be Posting Today

I need to do a few errands then I will begin posting for today. I will probably go with the hourly update format today rather than the post as it happens format. Look for the first post about 1:00. Until then I hope everyone is enjoying there day.

Having a Fantastic Evening

I might post after a bit but having a good time now.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Hourly Post From the Bar

7:47 4621 Sheridan
Battery one resident fighting another.

7:58 1111 Lawrence
Man unconcious on the pavement.

8:19 4427 Racine
5 black males fighting in the street.

8:27 4500 Magnolia
6 black males selling drugs on the street.

8:30 Weiss Hospital
White BMW parked in a no parking area.

8:32 Windsor and Hazel
Guys doing bong hits in the alley.

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Was Going to Leave the Radio at Home

As I was leaving it got real interesting so I put the radio in my
pocket grabbed my iPod and walked to the bar. Look for hourly posts
starting at 7:45

6:45 Wilson and Sheridan
A fistfight broke out offenders three black males took construction
horses and used them to beat out windows of a green Pontiac
Bonneville. The offenders fled east on Windsor in a dark blue sedan.
Then headed south on Clarendon. Police have stopped both cars a
warning for caution was issued as a weopon was found in the Bonneville
in a traffic stop last week on an unrelated incident.
The police have asked for the pod camera footage at Wilson and
Sheridan for help in sorting this out. All the video showed was three
black males fleeing south on Sheridan from the El Pollo Loco lot.
This was interesting to listen to from start to finish 30 minutes from
the start of the event till the police were reviewing footage on their
portable data terminals (PDT) as they refer to them on the radio.
Police apprehended both sets of offenders within 2 minutes.

7:30 Top Ten Mission Ended
I may have missed the begins of this mission, but the several posts
about arrests earlier on were part of this. I have noticed that
recently between 6:00 and 7:30 top ten missions are run looking for
players in the area that they stop and question.

7:22 Jewell Montrose and Sheridan
Security holding black male for theft.

Back with another post in one hour.

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It is Friday Night and I want a Few Beers

I am going to go to the local watering hole for a few see you in an hour or two. Sorry but I feel like getting out. I will post when I return.

Violence Mission

7 units sent to help patrol the areas around Broadway to Clarendon Wilson to Montrose.

928 Montrose Arrest

4600 Clarendon Assault

White male threatening building manager.

Wilson and Magnolia

Arrest one offender being taken to District 23

4363 Kenmore

Boyfriend of a tenant in the lobby now repeatedly comes into building when she is not there and bangs on her door and yells.

4426 Magnolia Assault

Female Black threatened resident black pants green shirt and a pink purse.

Broadway and Kenmore Man down on the Pavement

Guy appears to be high on drugs laying on the pavement.

Wilson and Sheridan Vicious Animal

Brown and White dog chasing people around and barking at them.

Broadway and Wilson

Gang Dispersal

4759 Sheridan S and L Pantry

Store owner is holding a shoplifter.

Death Investigation at Weiss Hospital

Update on the Guy Who fell Down the Elevator Shaft

Fractured Left Hip.

Broadway and Kenmore

Guy appears to be high on drugs yelling at people.

Clarendon Park Kids Throwing Rocks

5 calls people witnessing kids throwing rocks at cars.

4516 Sheridan Fight

Kids fighting in the alley 3 phone calls from residents.

4525 Kenmore Battery

Teenager hit a 10 year old in front of the elementary school, offender is in the school

Gonna Step Out for 30 Minutes

In order to improve this blog I am heading over to staples to see if they have anything I can use to try and stream the radio signal live so people can listen.

Be right back.

Broadway and Wilson

Cars asked to help dispersing a gang of kids congregating in front of Popeyes.

4750 Sheridan

Someone fell into an elevator shaft. First car on the scene reported back that this call is bonified someone did fall into the elevator shaft fire is on the way and several more cars were sent for back up this is a high risk mental health clinic.

7 Units Sent on Prevention of Viloence Mission

7 cars sent to the area of Wilson and Sheridan to patrol Wilson to Sunnyside Broadway to Clarendon. This is most likely in response to Uplift Academy and the Wilson and Popeyes incidents earlier this week.

4700 Block of Kenmore

Traffic Stop Officer asking to run vin # to make sure it matches the plates.

1120 Wilson Fight on Special Ed Bus

One special ed student struck another special ed student. One is bleeding and fire is en route
police asked to assist.

At Work Now Back on Around 4

First weekend of post coming up, Fridays are usually interesting so check back tonight to see what is going on.

Magnolia and Wilson Foot Chase

One in custody at the Sunnyside mall. Officers looking for three other suspects. All suspects ran into a building 4425 Malden. They were in a Hyundi SantaFe and refused to stop for the police they bailed and the footchase ensued.

Beat 2312 Detectives in the Area working a Robbery Investigation

In the area making arrests

919 Leland Premise Check

Clark and Montrose 7 Eleven

Man passed out in parking lot fire rolling. Police asked to assist.

I ran out of cigarettes so I decided to go check this one out. Some knucklehead drove his Saab onto the curb and sidewalk in front of 7 Eleven and then fell asleep.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Simulated Gunfire in the Area for the Next 20 Minutes

Related to the shooting of a movie.

Clark and Montrose Drag Racing

Green Honda racing a black Honda

4615 Clark St Loud Neighbors

People making noise on the second floor

Montrose and Sheridan

Guy stealing from the Salvation Army drop box

Lawrence CTA Check

Montrose Harbor

Gates to be left open tonight due to salt trucks.

Guy Drank 30 Beers and Took Some Valium

Not sure where he is but he needs a ride to the hospital.

Simulated Gunfire

There will be simulated gunfire in the area in the next 15 minutes related to the filming of a movie.

3270 Lakeshore Dr Burglary in Progress

Resident claims people are trying to break into his apartment from the front and back.

4610 Clark Burglar Alarm

3632 Broadway Female Officer Needed for Search

3900 Pinegrove Escorting Female to Apartment

Female afraid her roommates boyfriend is waiting for her in the apartment.

3550 Lakeshore Dr Check the Wellbeing

Wife in Connecticut and her husband is not answering the phone when she calls. She would like the Police to check and make sure he is ok.

4729 Sheridan Traffic Stop

Weiss Hospital Death Investigation

Man brought in by private car to er dead in dead on arrival.

1124 Wilson Wilson Mens Hotel Battery in Progress

Men fighting in their room at the Wilson Mens Hotel. on the first floor.

Kenmore and Montrose Gang Disturbance

Male blacks yelling creating a disturbance

Sheridan CTA Check

Pretty Uneventful Tonight

Things have been pretty quiet in Uptown this evening, must be the weather. There have been a few interesting items in the 23rd district although not in Uptown. Auto theft in progress foiled at Belmont and Sheffield. A warning about simulated gunfire near Pine Grove and Surf for the filming of a movie.

1319 Lawrence Disturbance

Disturbance at the Hotel man refuses to leave.

Beat 2313 Vice Complaint

1325 Wilson Intoxicated Man

Walking east on Wilson yelling and falling down.

Nothing Going On

Gonna take an hour nap

4753 Broadway Mental Disturbance

Mentally unstable Asian male showing violent tendencies on the 7th floor.

Lawrence CTA Check

Home From Work and Ready to Post

Stay tuned

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gonna Take a Time Out

If anything big starts to develop I will be back. I am having difficulty posting mobile tomorrow I will learn how to do this and there will be less lapses in coverage. If there is anyone else out there that also monitors the scanner and wants to assist so that there is more coverage let me know. I would be glad to add you as a contibutor to this blog. Everything is set up all you need is the log in info to post to the site.

Post for activity between 7:45 and 9:45 PM

831 Montrose
7:45 Known drughouse people partying for three days being loud yelling racial slurs out the window and threats at passersby.

7:49 Sheridan El Check

8:00 Montrose and Lake shore Dr.
Male broke his ankle people refuse to dispurse.

8:06 Sheridan El Check

8:10 4315 Broadway Salvation Army
Irate customer upset about the quality of merchandise the store sells, left upon arrival of police.

8:12 Broadway and Wilson
Car opening device needed to help a man into his BMW.

8:15 4315 Beacon
Vice Complaint.

8:27 Wilson and Beacon
Suspicious vehicle Navy 4 dr sedan 2 black males following females. Police sent a tac unit.

8:36 Beat 13
Police sent a Tac unit.

8:47 Wilson and LSD
Taxicab out of control swerving and driving eraticly northbound. No one was hurt.

8:49 Montrose Beach Bird Sanctuary
40 yo black male following a bird watcher at the bird sanctuary made her nervous wanted police to know.

8:55 4400-4600 Broadway
Foot Patrol until further notice.

8:58 1021 Montrose The Driftwood Bar
Drunk Patron armed with a poolstick threatening patrons.

9:00 830 Sunnyside
Gang disturbance gangbangers flashing signs and yelling.

9:02 Sheridan El Check

Hold On Folks

I went to the bar to have a few beers, but I kept listening and took copious notes. There were 22 Incidents since my last post. I will post them now but it is going to take a few minutes to type them all up.

4457 Magnolia Person with a Knife

Offender pulled a knife on an ex-friend. Suspect fled in a blue
Plymouth van. Police located the van minus the offender looking for
him now.

Sent from my iPod

1215 Sunnyside Individuals Fighting

Resident complaining of 2 black males fighting. Bravo neighbors 3
calls to the police on this one. Officers responded fast issued a slow

Sent from my iPod

4615 Clifton Female Drug Overdose

1 Unit dispatched to scene to accompany EMS.

If I Am Home I Will Be Posting

Actually the scanner is portable so I may be able to post no matter where I am. Posts come as soon as I hear a broadcast that is relevant to the neighborhood. Sometimes there are lulls which needless to say is good. If anyone has any suggestions to help me make this more interesting or more relevant please send them to me or leave a comment.

Officers Running the DL at Bronco Billy

Came back valid but he does have a parole status, and gang affiliation warning.

Violence Prevention Mission

Broadway and Lawrence and two blocks south and east and west. 4 units assigned to the Mission to begin at 19:00 hours.

Broncho Billy Playlot

One unit asking another unit on the mission to swing by his position and check out the guy he is questioning.

4410 Magnolia Street Stop

Police questioning a pedestrian in front of this address.

876 Sunnyside Drug Dealing

8 Black Males reported by anonymous selling drugs on the street.

Mall Is Deserted Now

There were dozen of the "local players" they have dispersed because of the Police presence. Officers were told to remain and keep an eye on the mall and Broncho Billy.

Sunnyside and Magnolia

Adding a car to the "Special Mission" "There are a lot of players in the mall" I think this brings the total cars at this intersection to 7 they were asking for all the cars to set up in the area.

Police Pursuing Stolen Vehicle in the 23rd District

Gray Nissan Altima looked suspicious to an officer he ran the plate it came back stolen. He is following it on Clark now asking for backup.

4500 Magnolia "Special Mission" 6 units dispatched

6 units were taken off their patrol beats, to help in a special mission called the Top Ten crackdown near the Sunnyside Mall on Magnolia.

Vice Complaints in the "Ten Sector"?

Not sure where in the 23 district that is, I am assuming it is in Uptown Vice sounds like an Uptown crime.

4551 Sheridan Woman Fell Down Stairs

Fire is rolling Police asked to respond with Fire just in case.

Wilson CTA Check

4631 Broadway Traffic Stop

License was clear and valid and driver is an area resident.

912 Montrose Noise Complaint

Police dispatched and talked with occupants of a sedan parked in an alley and playing music loud. Police responded and dispersed the car.

Broadway and Wilson Disturbance

Police investigating a woman yelling and violently panhandling.

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Mobile post experiment

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711 Montrose Driver Fled From Department of Revenue Employee With Boot.

Aparently a Department of Revenue employee was booting a car in the 700 block of Montrose when the driver pushed the employee to the ground grabbed the boot put it into his car and drove off.

Tonight's Crime Wave to The West and South of Uptown

Armed Robbery at the Radio Shack in the 2900 block of Ashland robber used a handgun while wearing surgical gloves and fled with 1200 dollars. Some Mexicans robbed a hardware store with a crow bar on Lincoln Ave and Belmont, and a white male made off with somones bike Northbound on Clark from the 2700 block.

4516 N Sheridan Black Males Smoking Crack in the Alley

Phoned in by a resident who saw 4 black Males smoking crack in the alley behind an Elementary school.

4501 Clarendon Arrest For Drinking on The Public Way

Car dispatched to transport offender back to District 23.

900-1200 Wilson Extra Marked Car Assigned to Patrol till 1700 Hours

1004 Wilson Fight McDonalds Parking Lot

4 black Males fighting in the parking lot, phoned in by anonymous. Officers in the area report back that it is just kids messing around.

4750 N Sheridan High Risk Trespasser

High Risk Black Female refuses to leave the premises.

Request For 5 units to Be Assigned to a POV Mission

Not sure what this is except maybe a Prevention of Violence Mission these 5 units will be patrolling around the area near the Wilson L Stop and the Uplift Academy.

Magnolia and Wilson Drug Call

Car dispatched to check out an annonymous complaint about a drug dealer on the corner.

900 Wilson Officer Asking For Help On The Uplift School Dismissal

In response to the other days problems patrol officers are asking for extra marked cars in the area especially along Wilson from Broadway to Hazel.

Wilson and Hazel

Officer dispatched to be a crossing guard.

4428 Broadway Traffic Stop

Officer stopped a car no backup needed.

Curfew Violation Kenmore and Wilson

Curfew car sent to take the offender off of the patrol officers hands.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Suspect With a Gun at Sheridan and Wilson

Gray Buick with occupants pointing a silver gun out the window with a Green Chevy Blazer chasing it. The Cars are heading south on Sheridan towards Montrose. 4 cars respond to look for the offenders.

4402 N Sheridan Suspicious Auto With Occupants

Dark Van Parked at the bus stop for over two hours with male occupants inside. 1 car dispatched.

4410 N Clifton Traffic Stop

Officers asking for an additional car for this stop.

Uneventful Night

Most of the evenings have been more interesting then this one. Although before I got the inspiration to create the blog there was some pretty interesting listening. Shots were fired on Lawrence among other things.

919 Leland Disturbance

Car with occupants playing loud music in the alley. 1 car dispatched.

4515 Malden Homeless Man Trespassing.

Homless man trying to nap in apartment building lobby at 4515 Malden. 1 car dispatched.

Commercial Alarm 4715 Sheridan

Security from the front desk called in an alarm going off on the premises. 1 car sent to investigate.

Commercial Alarm at Borders

4718 Broadway Motion alarm activated 2 cars dispatched to check.

Noisy Kids at Malden and Leland

Car dispatched to check on the kids and issue curfew violations, they are apparently playing soccer in the playlot.

Inaugural Evening of Posting While Monitoring

I bought a police scanner a few weeks ago and have been hooked on listening to it, call it weird or cool or whatever, I enjoy it especially since the writers strike has kind of made me look for other avenues of entertainment.