Sunday, April 6, 2008

Evening Post

9:01 Malden and Leland
Gang Disturbance

9:04 Challenger Park
Park Check

9:09 1041 Wilson

9:13 655 Irving Park
Disturbance with a cab.

9:14 855 Aldine
Assault occurred spanish speaking officer needed at the scene.

9:43 4550 Clarendon
Battery in progress.

9:53 755 Lawrence
Auto accident.

10:01 Clark and Irving Park
Car hit a light pole.

10:19 4550 Clarendon
Neighnors fighting.

10:28 Magnolia and Wilson
Citizen wants to see a seargent, said he is upset that a patrol officer told him that he could not loiter on the corner anymore and that he does not want to go home.

10:33 Newport and Halsted
Two men having sex in a silver Pontiac.

10:35 Magnolia and Wilson
Guy called in to speak to the sergeants supervisor.

10:50 3239 Magnolia
People throwing bottles at cars from the second floor.

10:51 1036 Leland
Loud music.

10:55 Lake Shore Drive Southbound
Drag racing reported on the drive.

10:57 Lawrence and Clarendon
Auto accident.

11:08 Sheridan and Wilson
Armed robbery, officer flagged down by pedestrian robbed by black male with a brown jacket fur around the collar heading north on Sheridan. Another car may have spotted the guy and are stopping him.

11:11 Lawrence and Broadway
Armed robbery, female robbed a man running southbound on Broadway.

11:13 Broadway and Leland
Police have the first armed robber in custody. Police are now lookiing for a black femaloe in a dark blue sweatshirt they believe they are working toether and the second robbery report is related.

11:15 Broadway and Leland
Victim gave a positive ID on the person the police nabbed.

11:34 Broadway and Irving Park
Man just called in on his cell phone said he purchased a pack of cigarettes and thinks they are poison, he smoked on and now his blood feels like it is on fire and he thinks he needs to go to the hospital. Fire department is on the way. Police asked to assist in case he is as crazy as he sounds.

Post-game fun

4100 N Marine Drive - someone throwing fireworks on the parking garage

34xx N Sheffield - Black youths on bikes stole a bike UPDATE: Oh those crazy 'bucket boys'

Montrose @ the Cemetery - Group of people doing drugs against the wall

900 Agatite - People doing drugs in the alley

4600 N clifton - several black males harassing, throwing paint cans at passers-by.

1024 Addison - Kids throwing dice.

Grace & Racine - Battery in prog

Afternoon Post

3:49 4000 N Clark - Assault in prog?

3:50 3136 Kenmore - Homeless man under porch in box.

3:51 Broadway/Wilson bus stop - man drinking.

1:33 3646 Wilton
Man passed out in the alley.

2:25 4431 Sheridan
Traffic stop.

2:26 4433 Sheridan
Traffic stop.

2:35 Hazel and Wilson
Seatbelt mission 4 units issuing citations.

2:41 Broncho Billy Playlot
Black males shooting dice.

2:44 Weiss
Shooting victim released from hospital.
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2:30pm - 1035 West Addison - [several] black males harassing pedestrians at an auto shop.

Also, a rather-amusing call for assistance at Slugger's, where a man walked in and promptly passed-out in the "loo." update: he walked out with no further incident.

Winthrop and Leland

Two black males fighting - beating each other with bottles.


4640 Sheridan
Person shot in the lobby of the building. Police responding indicate it is a minor gunshot wound that grazed the victims left hip.

4600 Block of Kenmore person running down the street northbound with a gun. Two black males black jackets white t-shirts. Offenders jumped into green cargo van and are now west on wilson. Several different callers have reported different info. Police are also now looking for a green Infinity Q45 sedan, another caller is reporting that the offender at Broadway and Wilson walking with blood on him.
The victim is not cooperating with the police.

Sorry About the Night Off

3:00 Leland and Marine
Person shot in the leg and wrist, in front of Weiss Hospital. Offender fled south on Clarendon. Victim is in good condition and being transported across the street to Weiss Hospital.

3:11 1325 Wilson
Man in the building with a gun.