Saturday, August 30, 2008

Late Evening Update

11:33 1221 Sunnyside two offenders on the hood of the car curfew violators.

11:34 Montrose Harbor battery victim waiting for Police at the Montrose Harbor Comfort Station. Nobody seems to know where that is.

11:36 Wilson and Sheridan damage to property in progress black male kicking the Newspaper box and destroying it.

11:37 707 Waveland Burglary in progress woman returned home to find a black male standing in her kitchen she is at a friends home now.

11:51 Marine and Lawrence gang congregation.


10:38 Clarendon and Broadway Windy City Gyros having problems with a drunk white male.

10:46 851 Montrose mattresses are on fire on the second floor fire escape, CFD is on the way.

10:57 Curfew mission being established with dedicated cars to roam 10 and 20 sectors.

{note beats in 23rd with a one as the third number of the beat are in ten sector and if you have a two as the third number you are in the twenty sector.}

Wrigleyville is busy with alot of drunk people we have been pretty quiet. Most common report tonight in Wrigleyville are people jumping out of cabs without paying. The Phillies are in town must be a Philadelphia thing.


Things are pretty slow tonight but in the previous post there was that gang-banger vigil at yesterdays scene that might be the fuel on the fire to ignite something tonight, so I am still listening.

10:04 Lawrence and Sheridan street stop, officer asking for an additional car.

10:05 4550 Clarendon domestic battery in progress.

10:26 Sunnyside and Broadway ambulance needed for a battery victim. Police know who they are looking for Ola Price beat up her sister Carla Price. She is a black female 20 years of age wearing a purple and white striped tank-top. rolled up faded jeans. Police are advised to use caution as she is carrying a knife. Most of the officers are familiar with the pair and are mentioning some of their haunts to help in the locating of Ola.

10:35 4550 Clarendon 15 year old prostitute selling her wares on the corner.

Saturday Evening Update

9:25 Street Stop 916 Agatite in the alley.

9:36 Pedophile hanging out at the Wilson Redline stop, his name is Jose and he is a registered sex offender according to the caller. He is wearing a gold shirt and green soccer shorts, grabbing himself and is hanging out on the patform refusing to leave or board a train.

9:44 Lakeside and Sheridan gang disturbance.

9:49 Leland and Magnolia mental disturbance.

9:54 Gang disturbance is determined to be a vigil for yesterdays deceased. Police report a dozen peaceful protesters on the scene.

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Waiting and Listening

Decided to stay in waiting to hear if there is any retaliation, for yesterdays homicide. So giving you all a dose of what has been going on tonight in Uptown. This is the way we used to do it before we cut back to a summer schedule only posting the shootings.

8:53 Mexican Male on bicycle at Magnolia and Wilson exposing himself to passersby.

8:54 Not in Uptown but a little scary, Male in the bushes wearing black pants a black coat and a black ski mask hiding in the bushes near the lakefront bike trail and Waveland clock tower.

8:55 Woman screaming for help at 825 Sunnyside.

8:58 Police find the masked man and are trying to figure things out.

9:09 Shots Fired 4344 Sheridan.

9:12 945 Gordon Terrace homeless people getting drunk and noisy in the alley.

The Police Know Who The Shooter Is

He is a black male known to hang out at the corner of Hazel and Agatite.

Also I have turned on the comment moderation feature for the time being because some of the neighborhood subversive groups are leaving comments to make us good guys look bad.

Update on Yesterdays Murder

Police are still looking for the gun used in the shooting, as well as the shooter. The gun was discarded and possibly could be on the roof of a building. Police requested fire department help last night for ladders to look on the roof of the school nearby. They also issued a caution to officers responding to a call at Hazel and Agatitie as the offender they are seeking in this homicide is known to frequent this corner.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Person Murdered

4828 Sheridan not sure of the details as this event happened just over the district line in the 20th district. I do know that the Police asked for the wagon to take the body to the ME office and they are now asking for the Fire Department to come and wash the scene down.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Person Shot

Black male shot in the leg ambulance on the way. 809 Grace is the
crime scene. Victim shot in the upper right thigh being transported to
Illinois Masonic.

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Shots Fired

Three Hispanic males in a red two door car fired four shots into the
parking lot of JJ Peppers and fled west on Lawrence.

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Shots Fired

Hazel and Sunnyside several callers report seeing a black male in a
red shirt and red hat fired a gun at a crowd of other black males.
Police on scene say all the black males have red hats and shirts.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008


Police let the guy they had go as the witnesses said he was not one of
the shooters.

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Person Shot

Montrose and Clifton. Gangbanger shot in the leg then flees north on
Clifton after returning fire at the person who shot him.

Police have one of the shooters in custody at Racine and Sunnyside
behind Truman College.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shots Fired

Black male green shorts red t-shirt fired shots at 4400 Malden then
fled south on Malden. More calls comming in on this other witnesses
report that a second shooter was wearing a black t-shirt. Both
shooters went to 4420 Malden after shooting.

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Shots Fired

1300 block of Wilson shooters reported to have fled on Beacon. So far
no reports of anyone hit. Another witness reports that the shooter ran
into 4653 Beacon.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Late Model White Sedan

Witnesses say the shooter fled in a 4dr older model white sedan.
Police also looking for two black males in white t-shirts on bicycles
who stashed somthing in the alley behind The Peoples Church under a
garbage can.

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Crime Scene 1020 Lawrence

Police recovered three shell casings in front of the address and have
the offenders cell phone. Looks like the shooter was standing in the
20th district shooting across the street into the 23rd district.

The offender left his cell phone on the counter of JJ Peppers.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Person Shot

Lawrence and Kenmore male shot in his right leg and laying on the
street. Ambulance enroute. Police looking for a black male shooter who
fled north on Kenmore in a waiting white car plate GMP 985. Although
the police have conflicting reports.

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