Thursday, May 1, 2008

10 Spot

9:06 3930 Clark
Female fell and can’t get up.

9:07 4647 Marine
Street stop.

9:14 Broadway and Wilson
Group of people selling drugs.

9:28 1117 Lawrence
Fight in progress in front of the redline station. Transport car needed for arrests.

9:29 3838 Broadway The Chateau
Disturbance in the hallway.

9:32 Halsted and Waveland
Six guys fighting on the corner.

9:36 4700 Kenmore
Male passed out unresponsive on the front steps.

First Post In a Few Days

8:46 4620 Broadway
Man down in front of the Wilson train stop. Police asked to help fire at location.

8:47 1217 Wilson
Two highly intoxicated females drinking at the bus stop.

We Are Back

Work and personal commitments resulted in a break from posting. Sorry