Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Next Post

9:51 4730 Winthrop
Man passed out on the stairway.

9:56 Sheridan and Leland

10:01 4747 Magnolia
Fire rolling want police assistance for somthing burning in the front
of this address.

10:02 Stockton Elementary School
Burgular alarm

10:16 3020 Broadway
Arson in progress at the old Dominicks. Fire on the way two white
males pouring gasoline on a dumpster in the alley behind this building.

10:18 Northbound Lakeshore Dr.
Gold Toyota Camry driving wrecklessly.

10:24 4260 Broadway
Battery in progress Asian male bearing Asian female in the driveway in
front of a silver Mercedes.

Turns out arson in progress was a false alarm.

10:27 Broadway and Montrose
Police have stopped the silver Mercedes involved in the earlier
battery in progress.

10:30 Montrose and Clarendon
Traffic stop

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Things That Happened While I was Out

8:29 4125 Kenmore man upset with landlord for turning off the power in
the building for earth hour.

8:46 4621 Sheridan
Traffic stop.

8:49 3800 Recreation Dr.
Female officer needed for a search.

8:58 4700 Magnolia
Neighborhood bonfire going on in the front yard.

9:09 4750 Malden
Lady spent several days in the hospital now she is home and their are
people living in her place that will not leave.

9:35 851 Montrose

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4526 Sheridan

Disturbance upstairs neighbor making loud noises

Wilson and Broadway

Drug dealing.

823 Buena

Pregnant lady being beat by her husband.

4550 Clarendon

Traffic stop unit asking for backup.

3838 Broadway

The Chateau a she-male causing a disturbance on the 4th floor.

Broadway and Wilson

Vice complaint at the Currency Exchange.

4747 Magnolia

Flames in the side yard.

4626 Kenmore

Someone playing loud music.

920 Wilson

Jesus People USA having trouble with a white male.

Sunnyside and Hazel

Gang disturbance 20 gangbangers congregating.

920 Wilson

man refuses to leave.

1325 Wilson

Suicide attempt bipolar guy attempting to kill himself fir enroute need police backup.

1148 Wilson

Top ten stop.

4542 Magnolia

Top Ten stop.

Clark and Wilson

5 white males drinking and throwing beer cans on the sidewalk.

4421 Broadway

Vice complaint.

4541 Clarendon

Domestic dispute.

4640 Sheridan

Check the well being some people don't have a phone and some other people want to know if they are ok.

Not Heard on the Scanner

But some asshole is honking his horn outside my window.

Washington Mutual Bank

ATM skimming device found.

Sunnyside Mall

Selling Drugs and making a lot of noise no further details.

Top Ten Enforcement Mission

5 cars assigned to the area around Wilson to Montrose Broadway to Beacon.

The Last few Hours Were Pretty Uneventful In our Neck of the Woods

Not going to bother with typing up the details. Will post in real time for a few hours now.

As promised the 1:00 Post

1124 Wilson
Police asked to respond with engine 83 to a man down on the pavement unresponsive.

Chicago Police Marine Unit doing a safety at sea mission with the coast guard, there will be a helicopter rescue the use of flares and loud reports.

Irving Park and Marine Dr.
Auto Accident unknown if any injuries.

4551 Sheridan
Parking violators in the laundromat parking lot.

Too many moving truck parking violations to mention. Someone from the Alderman's office called this in.

4861 Broadway
Arrest at Borders.

I will Be Posting Today

I need to do a few errands then I will begin posting for today. I will probably go with the hourly update format today rather than the post as it happens format. Look for the first post about 1:00. Until then I hope everyone is enjoying there day.

Having a Fantastic Evening

I might post after a bit but having a good time now.

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