Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday Night

It is Wednesday night here in Uptown looks like a storm is rolling in, and the Cubs start at 7:05. There is a lot of activity in Wrigleyville not so much in our neck of the woods. I will continue to monitor and see what develops. Usually a rain storm sends the bad guys running for cover.

6:57 1357 Sunnyside woman reports that someone put a cigarette but in her flower pot. She wants to make a Police Report.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon

4:00 4717 Kenmore armed robbery black male wielding a pocket knife robbed a person of their cell phone wallet and $20.00 US currency then fled west on Leland.

4:03 4600 Marine auto accident car vs a School bus, no injuries.

4:05 4431 Broadway arrest made transport for the prisoner being requested.

4:10 912 Montrose employee of Jewell Osco is holding a thief who stole some booze from the store in the alley. They are requesting that the police speed up their response as the thief is getting agitated.