Saturday, April 19, 2008

Taking Back Sunnyside Mall

'Taking Back Sunnyside Mall' needs to happen now, before the summer
rolls in and it becomes even harder to change behavior that will most
certainly take a turn for the worse.

Folks - we need to take action and take it now.

If you want to help, please email us at

We will create an email distribution list. We will listen to ideas. We
will organize the ideas and the people interested in taking back this
area of our neighborhood. We shall have event after event and do what it
takes to win this battle.

It can be done.

The bad guys know each other. The good guys do not know each other, and
this neighborhood is starving for this type of activity.

Send your comments ideas and suggestions, and keep them coming. We will
get an event together in the next 10 days.


3:10 1039 West Lawrence
Stranger in an apartment that is forbidden to have visitors

3:30 Lincoln & Addison
Black Pontiac Gran Am with plate "RAT 911" driving erratically

Saturday Afternoon

1:45 4626 Magnolia
Domestic disturbance man and woman fighting in the lobby.

1:48 Weiss Hospital
Criminal sexual assault, not sure where it occurred.

1:52 3215 Broadway
Three black males 14 to 15 years old running in and out of the
business and refuse to leave.

1:55 3012 Broadway
Arrest of theft suspect.

2:05 Irving and Lake Shore Dr
White female in green Jaguar driving erraticly possibly drunk exiting
at Irving Park.

2:36 4707 Malden
Disturbance reported.

The rain seems to be slowing down crime. Maybe April showers not only
bring May flowers but also stop gangbangers.

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