Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Body of a Person Found In Montrose Harbor

At 8:07 a citizen who was fishing at Montrose Harbor flagged down a patrol officer and reported that he thought he saw the body of a person floating just off the Montrose Harbor concrete. at approximately 8:11 the Officer confirmed that it was indeed a floater in the water the Marine unit was called and fire department is on the way they said that this is protocol for this type of situatiuon. The detectives bureau was notified. Fire department has just hooked onto the body but was asked to not get involved and release the body as it could be a possible homicide and if so they do not want to CFD to contaminate the crime scene.

The scene is approximately 50 yards south of the bird sanctuary.

Police have closed off the road at the Bait shop. They mentioned that the media may attempt to get there on foot and are to be kept far from the scene. The Detectives do not want anyone near the scene, police have been advised to start moving the fisherman back to their cars, and asking them to find another place to fish this evening.

9:36 Police have pulled the body out of the water, bagged it and are now transporting it.

Breaking News

Check back in one moment. I will post the details of a body found.

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6:40 4025 Sheridan Walgreens
Assault in progress customer threatening a pharmicist. Police are asking for the meat wagon the offender is getting combative and fighting.

6:41 Halsted and Addison
Woman locked her keys in the car across the street from the Police station. They need a car opening device to come help her.

6:42 Roaming PTRT mission
7 units sent to roam from Leland to Sunnyside and Magnolia to Marine. This is the first time I have heard them mention this type of mission. I will try and figure it out and post later.

6:45 Warrant mission.


6:00 Thorek Hospital
Highly intoxicated black male causing a disruption in the lobby of the hospital security has him in custody.

6:11 2311 beat
Gang disturbance, apparently they gave out the beat instead of the location as these guys are known by the beat cars and they tend to scatter when the Police come near. 2311 did catch at least one of them and is transporting them to lockup.

6:30 3501 Halsted Little Jim’s Bar
Assault one patron threw a bottle at another patron.

The Post at 6

5:35 3515 Sheffield
Man caught stealing a car by the owner. Suspect ran into 3515 Sheffield and is hiding inside now. Police are on the scene trying to find him.

5:47 4350 Broadway
6 black males drinking in front of garage drinking and urinating. Police relaize from the address that they will be meeting the regular drinkers and urinaters when they get here.
(From a previous CAPS meeting these guys hang out in front of the Public Storage facility on broadway across the street from U-Haul, they are looking for people to hire them to assist with moving.)

5:50 Chase Park
Foot patrol in the park.

5:30 Post

5:00 945 Wilson
Traffic stop.

5:12 4640 Sheridan
Caller reports seeing kids fighting in the street.

5:29 4620 Broadway
CTA called in about intoxicated man in front of the redline entrance, bothering people.

Home and Posting

Not sure if the rain will keep the bad guys inside tonight but figured I would start to post anyway.

4:27 4550 Clarendon
Security called in a about an argument they are having with a resident who lives in apartment #407 in the South Tower, the man claimed he was going up to his apartment to get a gun and shoot the security guard.

4:29 The rain begins

4:30 Top Ten Target Mission
Looking for bad guys in the area between Broadway and Clarendon and Montrose to Lawrence.