Friday, June 20, 2008

Things Slowing Down

10:16 4430 Magnolia
Shots fired. Police on the scene they think it may have been fireworks.

Lots of drunken batteries down in Wrigleyville. Especially at Taco Bell.


8:16 Extra cars in the zone for operation Safe Summer.

8:18 Jewell on Sheridan
Security has two female juveniles in custody for shoplifting.

8:43 4716 Malden
Street stop.

8:47 1341 Wilson
Resident claims a man just threatened him.

8:48 Wilson and Broadway
Traffic stop.

Friday Evening

7:53 1134 Wilson
Male in apartment 216 claims he is not being treated like a citizen.

8:03 Wilson and Sheridan
Traffic stop.

8:05 1300 block of Leland
Disturbance on the street.

8:06 1315 Leland
Fight on the second floor.

8:08 1311 Leland
Man in the woman’s shelter threatening residents.