Thursday, April 10, 2008

I am Still Listening

It has just been really slow for a while. There really has been nothing to report. Which is fine I have been watching the baseball game. I will continue to listen and post if there is anything to report.

Thursday Evening

Things relatively slow at the moment.

5:40 4401 Hazel
Man down on the pavement fire on the way.

5:54 927 Wilson
High risk mental patient is threatening family members.

6:01 Gill Park
Foot patrol.

6:10 937 Wilson
Traffic stop.

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Thursday Night Home and Listening

Slow start probably due to how wet it is out.

4:37 Clark and Wilson
White male tan jacket and blue jeans in the parking lot of Staples harrassing people causing a disturbance asking for money.

4:43 Thorek Hospital
Death Investigation.

5:13 4621 Sheridan
Mental Disturbance, private ambulance is trying to transport a patient to another facility and he refuses to go.

5:25 4700 Racine
UPS truck blocking the street.