Friday, May 23, 2008

4727 Malden Apartment #402 Again

Now the tennant is in the lobby threatening the desk clerk.

4520 Magnolia

The gang that was just dispersed back and creating a disturbance.

The Chateau Shemales and Females and Males Oh My

Fighting in the hallway.

4727 Malden Apartment #402 Again

Same stuff.

Gang Loitering

5 dispersed from 4520 Magnolia, they cannot return to this area for 8 hours or be arrested.

Robbery and Assault

Clark and Wilson man bleeding from the face after being robbed.

Gang Disturbance

833 Wilson gang tac unit dispathed.

4727 Malden Apartment #402 Again

Another fight here third or fourth time since 4:30 today

Man With a Knife

Black male inside of Mcdonald's at Sheridan and Wilson brandishing a knife threatening people.

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How do you say "fight" in French?

Another fight - this time at Le Chateau Hotel on Broadway.

Another fight

People "beating the crap out of each other" - Marshfield and Addison

Magnolia and Sunnyside - yes, another fight

Ten (10) black males fighting. Again.

New Event!

Another Battery In Progress

Broadway and Wilson - 2 females fighting - they also have a baby

What ??!

Caller reports nine children on a sailboat sinking in Montrose Harbor between the mouth of the harbor and the restroom facilities.

Please let this not be serious. Coast Guard has been alerted

** UPDATE - as of 6:52, everyone is okay.

ANOTHER Assault @ the Currency Exchange

Black male threatening to beat-up female employee.

Update from Uptown Update


Multiple calls - 6-15 Males fighting - Wilson and Magnolia

(5 min later) moving to Sunnyside and Magnolia

Yet another gang disturbance

Gang members throwing bottles outside Currency Exchange (!) at Broadway and Wilson

It's going to be a crazy Friday night

845 West Montrose - suspicious vehicle - description matching car police were seeking earlier today

4727 Malden - Assault in progress
UPDATE: Ongoing dispute between tenants in the building. Three calls already today for this address.

Montrose and Sheridan - Another assault in progress. 15 year-old girl called.

Assault - Wilson EL Stop

CTA Security called for assistance. Six 14 year-olds throwing bricks and bottles.

Montrose and Magnolia

One suspect stopped.

Suspects identified as black males -one with camo jacket; one with black puffy jacket.

Others seen by Truman College.

Broadway and Wilson !!!

Multiple calls for six people fighting - ONE WITH A GUN!

Suspects scattered in all different directions / discared their tshirts

Citizens identified the suspects as group that "hangs-out" at Broncho Billy Park.

Units are heading to area.