Wednesday, April 16, 2008

6:30 Update

6:00 Wilson and Beacon
Traffic stop.

6:00 3152 Pine Grove
Panic alarm sounded at a private residence.

6:01 Roscoe and Broadway
Parking enforcment called in for Cubs parking ban.

6:04 Montrose and Oakley
5 vendors in the park without a permit

6:06 Clarendon Park
Park district called in about a congregation of gang bangers.

6:13 1531 Byron
People having sex in their frontyard.

6:14 4615 Clark
Gang disturbance.

6:16 4724 Magnolia
Wreckless driver Lexus driving real fast around the block several times.

6:18 Sheridan and Montrose
Traffic stop.

6:20 3811 Broadway
Burgular alarm activated at Doctors office.

6:23 3649 Sheffield
Street stop.

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