Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Evening 7:30 Post

6:21 Malden and Wilson

6:29 3520 Broadway
Street stop.

7:09 4536 Magnolia
Traffic stop.

7:19 1100 Leland
9 Black males beating one male in the street.

7:20 4600 Broadway
19 black males chasing several other males.

7:21 Marine and Broadway
1 arrest being taken to lockup

7:22 Wilson and Broadway
dispersing a crowd of black males yelling and causing a distrubance.

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Anonymous said...

I just walked by Wilson and Malden around 7:30pm and was struck by what a nice stretch of Malden it is around there. Very handsome buildings as far as the eye can see looking down both north and south of Wilson...