Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Evening Post

5:41 4613 Broadway Family Dollar
Theft reported black male left store with some hair care products fled eastbound on Wilson.

5:43 Magnolia and Wilson
Female officer needed with a cage car to search and transport an arrest. Female they have has active warrants.

5:48 1100 Irving Park
Truck needs help backing up. Second car sent to assist police having trouble getting yuppies in their cars to cooperate.

5:51 3545 Clark


Anonymous said...

Any news on what was happening at 4422(?) N. Magnolia?

PB said...

I caught the end of the radio traffic on that incident. It sounds like there was a missing child who came home on their own.

adriennemfb said...

anyone hear gunshots around 5:00am today?

Anonymous said...

Oooohh. This is the first CUCB incident documenting uncooperative yuppies! In due time, we will have heard it all on your website. Keep it coming. I've missed you guys for the past two days!

Anonymous said...

I heard gunshots in the area of Broadway and Cuyler. This is around the time I get up and walk the dog. There were five police cars lined up on I assume something was going on.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

anyone know what happened near Weiss hospital this weekend? Sunday morning around 9am near clarendon & wilson - blocked with at least 5 cops / ambulance / fire.