Friday, April 18, 2008

Shots Fired

6:00 Sunnyside and Magnolia
Shots fired 6 calls reports of four shots fired by two black males
fled eastbound on Sunnyside. Witnesses say they are gangbangers from
Clarendon park shot at some Black P-Stones who were congregating in
the area. Police report that the gangbangers who got shot at claimed
to not hear or see anything.

Police have a car stopped near the tennis courts on Racine, they
turned out to be students from Truman College and were let go.

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Butternut said...

I was out on my deck around 6pm when I heard about 5 shots. They sounded pretty damn close to me, I am up near Lawrence/Magnolia. I called 911 to report what I heard but all I could tell them was my location.

If the shots I heard were the same ones at Sunnyside, than I am pretty surprised. I wouldn't think the short soundwaves from such a high pitched pop would travel this far north.

Anonymous said...

I think the mall at Sunnyside and Magnolia is too nice of a place to cede to gangbangers and drug dealers. Law abiding citizens who live off that mall should reclaim it! I bet a lot of the gang and drug activity would quickly disappear if good people congregated there in numbers every warm evening. Easier said than done of course...

Anonymous said...

I live very close to the Sunnyside Mall. I would love to see it being used for something other than drug dealing but how? A lot of the people that hang out there live in the Section 8 housing right next door. Sometimes cops sit there in their squad cars, but as soon as they leave, the dealers are right back out there. What can be done about that? How can we "reclaim" it? These kids are pretty bold and I'm not so sure they would leave even if a ton of law-abiding citizens did congregate there.

Anonymous said...

I live right at the alley between Manolia and Malden on Sunnyside. It is frustrating to me that there were actually shots fired there last night. I was home and actually got on the ground b/c I was scared of strays. It is such a beautiful neighborhood and the park area is very nice. I know in the past there was a woman reading her book there and the gang members intimidated her until she left. There has to be something that can be done, there are families with babies that walk through there. It would be a catastrophe if someone were to really get hurt. I am not sure what the answer is though. I certainly don't want to have to feel nervous to walk to my car parked on Magnolia because of drive bys now though. I am very frustrated with it.

Anonymous said...

I live just West of Ashland and was jogging East on Sunnyside when I saw the group of kids congregated near Magnolia. When I was about 15 yards from the group I heard the first two shots and saw everyone frantically running. I instinctively darted up the alley just West of Magnolia on the North side of the mall. There were already two guys running down the alley ahead of me. Much to my horror, there was nowhere to hide as the shooter, firing three more shots, headed directly towards me. I ducked behind a dumpster when he was a mere five feet away. I was totally trapped as he passed within feet of me. I really thought I was dead. In fact I turned my face away and waited for the impact. Obviously I didn't sleep well last night - thank God I wasn't riding by on a bicycle with my eight year old daughter. I really like the idea of the Sunnyside Mall, even when there are people hanging out, I just mind my own business and jog through. But last night changed all that.

Anonymous said...

To the post from anonymous from 7:05pm, were you able to call the police and give them any sort of identification of who the shooter was? What a horrible experience; we have to start some "positive loitering"--with lots and lots of us!

Hacksaw said...
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