Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Late Afternoon Post

5:43 927 Wilson
A guy named Dale Mead is selling drugs out of his first floor apartment with his girlfriend per an anonymous caller.

5:49 1124 Wilson Fire responding to treat 6 males Police needed before fire will go in.

5:52 1100 Leland
Teens fighting in the street.

5:57 4363 Kenmore
Fire want police when they respond to this address, man cut off his finger.

6:11 912 Montrose
Two arrests being transported to lockup.

6:12 Marine and Montrose
Two homeless guys with golf clubs looking into cars.

6:19 4512 Sheridan in the alley
Street stop.

6:23 4520 Sheridan
Two Polish women report having there purses stolen, Polish speaking officer needed.

This purse snatching is the third of the day in this area, same descriptions of the offenders. Two black males, one is 6ft tall the other is 5ft tall the shorter one is wearing a red zip up sweater.

Police have possible suspects at 4638 Broadway. Victims are going to identify the suspects Police are still going through all their possessions.

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