Friday, April 25, 2008

Tonights Activity So Far

If the storms blow in as expected should be slower tonight than last Friday.

4:04 1255 Wilson
Black male drinking on his motorcycle in front of the liquor store.

4:05 4605 Kenmore
Traffic stop.

4:17 4500 Hazel
Black female with orange tube top selling drugs on the corner.

4:22 5000 Clark
Accident with man laying in the street.

4:34 837 Sunnyside
Arrest being made police need a cage car for transport. Sounds like they caught the black female selling drugs on Hazel.

4:36 4611 Beacon
Black male on the premises has an active order of protection against him and is not supposed to be there.

4:37 4603 Racine
Burglar alarm sounding.

4:46 4712 Racine
Man and woman having sex in the alley.

4:51 901 Windsor
Battery in progress two black males fighting in the street. It is not known if they have weopons.

4:58 Wilson and Broadway
Police stopping and calling for backup for an on view public disturbance at the corner.

5:03 3800 Racine
Homeless people setting up camp to loiter.

5:04 Wilson and Broadway
running the name of offender involved in the public disturbance. Offender resides in the 800 block of 63rd st.

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