Friday, May 23, 2008

Broadway and Wilson !!!

Multiple calls for six people fighting - ONE WITH A GUN!

Suspects scattered in all different directions / discared their tshirts

Citizens identified the suspects as group that "hangs-out" at Broncho Billy Park.

Units are heading to area.


kate said...


Butternut said...

I was getting carryout from Alma Pita's when I noticed a large group of kids, about 15-20, yelling and heading towards Broadway. I called it in and while I was on the phone several squad cars and a fire truck wized past me.

This is fucking ridiculous!!

Caring Neighbor said...

At the street safety seminar the other night, the officer stressed to notice what suspects are wearing from the waist down. WAIST DOWN.

Because they always change their shirts, but rarely their pants and shoes. Interesting!

Anonymous said...

yes, when I got mugged the police asked me if I could remember what their shoes looked liked... I didn't know. If you see someone suspicious.. look at their shoes!