Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Cold Tuesday Night

7:30 4427 Clifton
Missing 15 year old female.

7:33 1232 Sunnyside
Gang dispersal.

7:35 942 Montrose
Street stop for on view criminal act. Offender gave address of 1025
Sunnyside his record says he lives at
945 Lawrence police agree same shit different address. Both are

7:37 4200 Broadway
Drunk guy falling down.

7:38 Sheridan and Wilson
Two black males and one black female robbed a male of $50.00 and then
jumped into yellow cab number 1119 heading east on Wilson. They jumped
out in the alley at Wilson and Clarendon. Police nabbed the males
still looking for the female.

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Anonymous said...

yeah whats with this weather? is it winter again?

Anonymous said...

10:48 Montrose Harbor -- report of a black male on bike impersonating police harrassing people and threatening people that he will hit them with his flashlight

Anonymous said...

10:56 3944 sheridan -- 2 white males reported as suspicious, entering and exiting liquor store, possibly casing the joint

Anonymous said...

11:12 4550 n clarendon -- domestic disturbance reported

Anonymous said...


1200 w sunnyside -- gang bangers on street

4500 n magnolia -- gang disturbance

1315 leland -- neighbor threat?

Insane Fish / ex-Gangs-North said...

You guys don't have a HAIR ON YOUR PALE ASSES if you don't take the NeXt logical step and form Citizen Patrols!

Call yourselves either the "MY-noot-Men" or the "Gentrification Angels", take your pick... but get out there and patrol! Pay the Rent/Get some heads behind bars!


Edgewater Crime Blotter said...

Anonymous, email the Uptown Crime Blotter and offer your help!

Anonymous said...

I did

Edgewater Crime Blotter said...

Awesome :)

Anonymous said...

anyone know what happened tonight on the 4700 block of kenmore?

Anonymous said...

from watching the gang kids outside, i think tonight (friday) is going to be a big night in the neighborhood!!

Anonymous said...

eek...hot and humid -- perfect for some "activity." Crime blotters -- where are you?