Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday post-game fights! And more fights!

6:03 Waveland and Clark - male and female fighting

6:00 Multiple calls about violence in Gill Park (Irv & Broadway)

5:51 Broadway and Sheridan - 2 men fighting in front of Starbucks

5:50 825 West Sheridan - 2 men fighting

5:50 1340 W Irving - big fight involving many - EMS call - people yelling for help - man bleeding

5:45 3242 Wilson - 3 black male adults drinking and fighting

5:45 xxxx Clifton - male in his 50s masturbating in a truck

* UPDATE ON MISSING GIRL - she is [safe?] with a family member on the West side

5:15 19xx Wilson - missing 9-year old girl

5:10 Broncho Billy Playlot check

5:07 3210 Halsted - male white with plant in his hands getting ready to break window

5:02 Wilson and Campbell - two brothers in a dispute

5:05 4350 Broadway- male and female sleeping in walkway blocking fire exit


Anonymous said...

Sorry that was me in the truck.

Anonymous said...

Any idea what was going on around Wilson and Beacon around 5:30? There were cop cars there for over an hour.

IrishPirate said...

8:45 Group of idiot bicylists heading south on Lake Shore Drive around Addison. Large police response.

Great idea idiots. Show your love of bicycling by being on LSD and backing up traffic. I was on my bike heading north on the Lakefront Path. Noticed the commotion and said to myself "What the Shiller" is that?

Thanks for pulling half a dozen squads out of the neighborhoods on a humid summery night. Thanks alot. I wish one of the cops had a small caliber handgun and popped a round in their bike seat riding asses. Maybe slightly larger than your average BB pellet. Perhaps just tasering a few would have gotten the message across.

sarah said...

What's going on now? I just heard a ton of sirens...

And what's with the revolving spotlight in the lake direction?

Anonymous said...

Did the dude cum?! LOL!

I guess handjobs for crack wasn't enough.

IrishPirate said...

There is a spotlight out in front of the tattoo parlor on Broadway. At least it seems to be coming from there.

In honor of their giant Velvis exhibit.

Check out the Uptown Update for all the details.

Saskia said...

Now I am really sorry that I had to miss the Velvet Elvis exhibit! A spotlight and everything...!