Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

We believe this rally is going to be HUGE!!! Please plan on attending!

It's been a relatively slow afternoon, but below you will find the "usual" hooliganism:

4:45 - Broncho Billy Park check

4:30 - Montrose and Sheridan - two homeless men creating a disturbance in the alley

3:55 1023 W Addison - white male with a SWORD threatening @ Starbucks
*white male blue baseball cap/brown jacket chased behind Goose Island on Clark
* apprehended behind Starbucks

(the rain always seems to wash away the grime)

1:45 4753 N Broadway - man disturbing people in front of Starbucks

1:15 4518 N Magnolia- group of men and one woman making a disturbance


Anonymous said...

Uptown crime blogger, what about the 20th district? Never see much regarding the 20th even though part of the district is in Uptown. It can't possibly be due no activity.

tell us about the 20th said...

Yeah. Wrigley isn't in Uptown. Can't you get activity happening in the 20th district? The fact this neighborhood is divided into 2 police districts makes it hard for anyone to have a really clear total picture of what is going on.

Uptown said...

Perhaps someone who lives in the 20th district should think about doing that, we could make them a contributor to the blog, and they could post what they hear.
If we were to try and do it we would miss calls from both districts and not do a very good job covering either one.

One of the problems with the neighborhood is that everyone wants everyone else to do things for them. We have put out several requests including one on Friday where we will give someone a scanner if they want to help. So far we have got a bunch of emails telling us I wish I could but I do not have time I work, do you not think we also work?

My guess is the area is divided by two districts by design to sort of play hide the weenie with crime.

Lex said... is available. Feel free to start it up, and we'll gladly support you. I often post the significant happenings of Wrigleyville, as I did yesterday with the 'Starbucks-sword-wielding-whacko' incident.

Remember - we're not getting paid for this, and I am the one buying a spankin' new scanner for anyone that wants to help.


Anonymous said...

Ummm... I think you missed the point. The previous commenter wasn't complaining about a LACK of Wrigleyville information, they were pointing out that you aren't exactly covering Uptown when you post about things that happen on Addison, or Aldine, or any number of the streets in WRIGLEYVILLE. Uptown's southern border is Irving Park.

Anonymous said...

The Edgewater crime blotter is coming soon:

Anonymous said...

hey 5:38 - read the first two comments again:

* "what about the 20th district? Never see much regarding the 20th even though part of the district is in Uptown."

* "Can't you get activity happening in the 20th district?"

So there was nothing there about wanting more wrigleyville activity? You're an idiot.

Saskia said...

23rd District=Town Hall (Uptown, Wrigley, Boystown, etc.)

20th District=Foster (Uptown, Edgewater) dividing line is Lawrence.

YES. The districts are divided and it helps "hide" crime in Uptown. It is good to hear that an edgewater crime blotter is coming soon!!! Thanks to the person who is doing that. I, myself, will put some effort towards integrating the crime information from the two areas to help people get a better picture of what "Uptown" crime looks like.