Saturday, May 3, 2008

Update At 1

11:58 4157 Clarendon
Fight in progress on the 6th floor hallway. Three calls came in for this one.

12:01 4401 Broadway
Disturbance gangbangers hanging out near the bus stop.

12:06 355o Lake Shore Dr.
Crash two cars not drivable.

12:17 Lawrence and Sheridan
Two females fighting in the middle of the street.

12:24 Broadway and Cuyler
Two black males selling drugs on the corner.

12:28 4157 Clarendon
Reports of a bunch of gangbangers trying to get into the building.

12:42 Lawrence and Sheridan
Disturbance at JJ Peppers.

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Anonymous said...

I witnessed a robbery at the Walgreens on Bryn Marr and Broadway today, some guy got away wish the cash drawer from the register. Even got a picture of the getaway car, though the plates aren't ledgible. Anyone have info on this?know if they caught the guy?